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YISROEL HAKOHAN WRITES: excerpts from his commentary which will continue on left side column (1 of 4 parts each thurs)

November 24th, 2011 · No Comments

Please add to  your REFUAH SHELAMAH prayers Esther bat Hannah.


EDITORS NOTE: LIFE IS SO FRAIL AND PASSING. As of this writing my mother was rushed to the hospital.In serious condition. While at the same time,  the world rests on their arrogance and no respect for the frailities of ‘life’.  People learn arrogance from various avenues. People are  filled with  ignorance,and  then arrogance, it can also be so much empty arrogance that they remain stationary in growth and therefore resulting in ignorance.their mental capacity is -0- running like animals,like natural predetors…they are basically nothing, non human! It sets in like a desease spreading until it covers the arrogant ones whole mind and actions. Belief in ONE GD is frowned upon. They mock GDS LAWS  both the foolish jews and  the arrogant xtians.They mock Jews that want to follow GDs laws. The foolish jews then become what TORAH WARNED ISRAEL. Jews  mixing with the goyim start to act like the goyim. ARROGANT. MINDLESS, BOWING TO STATUES IN YOUR MIND IF NOT LITERALLY. LIFE IS FLEETING. AND THE CHAT ROOMS WHICH ARE FIGURES OF REAL LIFE SHOW THEIR NEED TO CLIMB THE TOWERS OF BABEL AND SIN WITH THE SODOMITES…..To show the xtians that you are “”LIKE THEM?”" One jew was BRAGGING TO THE XTIANS THAT HE HASNT BEEN IN A SHUL  IN 20 YEARS  AND HE LOVES EVERYBODY,all people are equal, Jews are not special or chosen. HE BRAGS HE  IS SECULAR AND NOT LIKE THE ZIONIST OR THE HAREIDI, THE TORAH OBSERVANT.He even married a xtian having children from her and now so many years later divorced. So he impressed the xtians and got their acceptance………. BUT did he get HASHEMS ACCEPTANCE?

UPDATE: Mt Sinai Hospital is doing a great job. Better then Maimonedes hospital did with my father A”H where he passed away . At the age of 89, may my mom live to 120 yrs, every hit takes a severe toll on the body, but B”H she will recover to a  degree from this heart failure. Your prayers I am sure is helping. Thank you ,thank you,thank you for your best wishes. May you and all Israel merit to see the coming of Mashiach and may all the goyim recognize THE ONE GD OF EVERYTHING TO GUARANTEE THEY GET  THEIR SHARE IN  THE NEXT WORLD.



By Yisroel HaKohen

Dacon has had many encounters over the years with many individuals who have claimed to be Jewish. This, they felt gave them the license to speak on behalf of Judaism and preach Jewish law. In fact, these people were not Jewish at all but were actually Christian missionaries. There were other types of people who were in fact actually Jewish but either hated Judaism or were totally ignorant of Jewish law but still took it upon themselves to preach what they erroneously felt was Judaism. Much of what they taught was but in fact Liberalism, Canaanite, Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman or Christian law or anything that came to their mind but was not authentic Judaism. These types of people have done great damage and a disservice to those who truly seek Judaism and its authentic teachings. Dacon has been leading the fight against these people and their false teachings for years with some limited success. However, since Dacon has been the lone voice of truth pitted against the multitudes of deceivers and liars he was often shouted down, harassed, threatened, and booted out of many forums where Dacon tried to teach the truth about Judaism. Dacon has kindly asked me to write this article to briefly explain what the truths of Judaism are in order to dispel the deceivers and misinformed preachers who try to preach their false version of what Judaism is. The reader should be aware that the following article is merely a very brief summary and is in no way a complete explanation of what Judaism is. To write a proper description of Judaism would take many volumes and years to write. Therefore, anyone interested to learn more is please asked to contact thier nearest orthodox Rabbi or send questions to Dacon through this website, “Jews with Views”.
The Midrash tells us that G-d created the Torah 2,000 years before He created the world to be used as a blueprint on how to guide Him to create and run the world. Therefore, G-d looked into the Torah and used it as a guide to create the entire universe. The Torah is thus the foundation upon which this universe exists and runs.
The Rambam (Maimonides, 11th century sage) formulated 13 principles of Faith, which are incumbent upon every Jew to accept and to adhere. Principle 8 teaches: “I believe with complete faith that the entire Torah now in our hands is the same one as that was given to Moses, our teacher (without one letter having been altered or changed)”. Principle 9 teaches: “I believe with complete faith that this Torah will not be exchanged, nor will there be another Torah given from the Creator.”
The Talmud, states emphatically that if one questions the Divine origin of even one single letter or traditionally handed down interpretation of the Torah by our sages, it is as if one has denied the entire Torah (Talmud: Sanhedrin 99a)
Throughout history, the Jews have maintained the absolute integrity of their Torah scrolls, zealously avoiding any change, even of one letter. The Jews knew that their Torah was not merely a “sacred book” it was the word of G-d, and therefore it had to remain unchanged.
In addition, the Talmud teaches that one who denies that the Rabbinic tradition, what is commonly called the Oral Torah, which was given by G-d to Moses is called someone who “despises the word of G-d” (Talmud: Sanhedrin 99a) and the Rambam labels such a person as a heretic and non-believer. The Rambam lists 40 generations in the teacher-student chain of the transmission of the Oral Law from Moses to Ravina and Rav Ashi, the redactors who wrote down the Babylonian Talmud in approximately the year 500 CE. The Talmud is unprecedented in all human history that all the traditions taught by Moses could be kept intact orally for so long – nearly 2,000 years – and it is still with us today as recorded in the Talmud, Midrash, and the Code of Jewish law known as the Sculchan Aruch.
It says in the book of Jeremiah the prophet, G-d says, “Were it not for My covenant (the study of the Torah) day and night I would not have appointed (or maintained) the laws of (nature) of heaven and earth (Jeremiah 33:25) This verse informs us that the entire purpose for creation is so that the Jews should study and observe the Torah, otherwise the world would no longer exist. Therefore, it is the job of the Jews to observe the Torah in a grossly physical world to elevate the spiritual potential hidden within the physical world to bring the world to the spiritual perfection that G-d had intended when He created the world.
Much more can be said about the Torah and many proofs from history can be brought to substantiate what we have stated but we are striving for brevity and we must move on to the next stage.
To be considered a Jew by G-d, Jewish law clearly states that one’s mother must be Jewish. If one’s father is Jewish, but not one’s mother then that person is not Jewish at all. There are no half-Jews in Judaism there are only full Jews. For one’s mother to be considered Jewish she must be born from a direct line of Jewish females going back to the first three Jews, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who all had Jewish wives. Anyone coming from any other female lineage other than a direct female line going back to Abraham the first Jew is not Jewish. However, if a non-Jew is so inspired and feels a burning desire to join the Jewish people and to strictly observe all the laws of the Torah then that individual can go through a rigorous process of conversion to become a Jew. It is strictly forbidden for Jews to persuade non-Jews to convert to Judaism. The law requires that if a non-Jew wants to convert to Judaism we try our utmost to dissuade that person from converting. We tell that person that he can remain a righteous Gentile by observing the 7 laws of Noah and that the laws of the Torah are too difficult to observe for the average Gentile. We inform him that there is nothing wrong with being a Gentile and it would be better if he remain a Gentile. However, if a Gentile demonstrates his sincere desire to convert and undergoes a rigorous program of study, dissuasion, and rejection for a long period of time, by so doing he can be accepted as a full fledge Jew. The potential convert, after demonstrating for a long period of time his commitment to observe the Torah and having knowledge of the basic laws of Judaism is then allowed to convert by a competent panel of three orthodox Rabbis. The convert must renounce all non-Jewish beliefs and accept the entire Torah and live by its laws. Then the male or female convert must immerse in a ritual bath before three rabbis. A male convert must also undergo circumcision. Then that person is considered a full Jew in every way except that a female convert may not marry a Cohen, a priest who is a direct descendant through the male line of Aron the first High priest. 

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