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WHAT IS A JEW? continuing series on the christian attempts to christianize JUDAISM through lies, deceptions and blurring the differences

June 17th, 2011 · No Comments

( this is part of a series of exposes of the evils  of the xtians upon the JEWS. This is not meant to be politically correct. TRUE CANNOT BE PC. Truth can only be ALL TRUTH AND NOT  a watering down of THE TRUTH otherwise it would be a creation ,the same as all the  many bibles from those xtians. Each one contradicting, altering and creating a myth more greater then  the previos bible from  the xtians. This is meant  to reveal the atrocities of the xtians perpetrated to this day in various methods. THE ONLY ANTIDOTE FOR JEWS AGAINST THIS..IS TO  LEARN THE FIRST AND ONLY ORIGINAL  G-Ds WORDS, TORAH ! , AS GD SAID ON MT SINAI ” TEACH THIS TO YOUR CHILDREN AND  to YOUR CHILDRENS CHILDREN AND  TO THEIR CHILDREN ”


By Yisroel HaKohen

Dacon, this blog owner,  has had many encounters over the years with many individuals who have claimed to be Jewish. This, they felt gave them the license to speak on behalf of Judaism and preach Jewish law. In fact, these people were not Jewish at all but were actually Christian missionaries. There were other types of people who were in fact actually Jewish but either hated Judaism or were totally ignorant of Jewish law but still took it upon themselves to preach what they erroneously felt was Judaism. Much of what they taught was but in fact Liberalism, Canaanite, Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman or Christian law or anything that came to their mind but was not authentic Judaism. These types of people have done great damage and a disservice to those who truly seek Judaism and its authentic teachings. Dacon has been leading the fight against these people and their false teachings for years with some limited success. However, since Dacon has been the lone voice of truth pitted against the multitudes of deceivers and liars he was often shouted down, harassed, threatened, and booted out of many forums where Dacon tried to teach the truth about Judaism. Dacon has kindly asked me to write this article to briefly explain what the truths of Judaism are in order to dispel the deceivers and misinformed preachers who try to preach their false version of what Judaism is. The reader should be aware that the following article is merely a very brief summary and is in no way a complete explanation of what Judaism is. To write a proper description of Judaism would take many volumes and years to write. Therefore, anyone interested to learn more is please asked to contact thier nearest orthodox Rabbi or send questions to Dacon through this website, “Jews with Views”.
The Midrash tells us that G-d created the Torah 2,000 years before He created the world to be used as a blueprint on how to guide Him to create and run the world. Therefore, G-d looked into the Torah and used it as a guide to create the entire universe. The Torah is thus the foundation upon which this universe exists and runs.
The Rambam (Maimonides, 11th century sage) formulated 13 principles of Faith, which are incumbent upon every Jew to accept and to adhere. Principle 8 teaches: “I believe with complete faith that the entire Torah now in our hands is the same one as that was given to Moses, our teacher (without one letter having been altered or changed)”. Principle 9 teaches: “I believe with complete faith that this Torah will not be exchanged, nor will there be another Torah given from the Creator.”
The Talmud, states emphatically that if one questions the Divine origin of even one single letter or traditionally handed down interpretation of the Torah by our sages, it is as if one has denied the entire Torah (Talmud: Sanhedrin 99a)
Throughout history, the Jews have maintained the absolute integrity of their Torah scrolls, zealously avoiding any change, even of one letter. The Jews knew that their Torah was not merely a “sacred book” it was the word of G-d, and therefore it had to remain unchanged.
In addition, the Talmud teaches that one who denies that the Rabbinic tradition, what is commonly called the Oral Torah, which was given by G-d to Moses is called someone who “despises the word of G-d” (Talmud: Sanhedrin 99a) and the Rambam labels such a person as a heretic and non-believer. The Rambam lists 40 generations in the teacher-student chain of the transmission of the Oral Law from Moses to Ravina and Rav Ashi, the redactors who wrote down the Babylonian Talmud in approximately the year 500 CE. The Talmud is unprecedented in all human history that all the traditions taught by Moses could be kept intact orally for so long – nearly 2,000 years – and it is still with us today as recorded in the Talmud, Midrash, and the Code of Jewish law known as the Sculchan Aruch.
It says in the book of Jeremiah the prophet, G-d says, “Were it not for My covenant (the study of the Torah) day and night I would not have appointed (or maintained) the laws of (nature) of heaven and earth (Jeremiah 33:25) This verse informs us that the entire purpose for creation is so that the Jews should study and observe the Torah, otherwise the world would no longer exist. Therefore, it is the job of the Jews to observe the Torah in a grossly physical world to elevate the spiritual potential hidden within the physical world to bring the world to the spiritual perfection that G-d had intended when He created the world.
Much more can be said about the Torah and many proofs from history can be brought to substantiate what we have stated but we are striving for brevity and we must move on to the next stage.
To be considered a Jew by G-d, Jewish law clearly states that one’s mother must be Jewish. If one’s father is Jewish, but not one’s mother then that person is not Jewish at all. There are no half-Jews in Judaism there are only full Jews. For one’s mother to be considered Jewish she must be born from a direct line of Jewish females going back to the first three Jews, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who all had Jewish wives. Anyone coming from any other female lineage other than a direct female line going back to Abraham the first Jew is not Jewish. However, if a non-Jew is so inspired and feels a burning desire to join the Jewish people and to strictly observe all the laws of the Torah then that individual can go through a rigorous process of conversion to become a Jew. It is strictly forbidden for Jews to persuade non-Jews to convert to Judaism. The law requires that if a non-Jew wants to convert to Judaism we try our utmost to dissuade that person from converting. We tell that person that he can remain a righteous Gentile by observing the 7 laws of Noah and that the laws of the Torah are too difficult to observe for the average Gentile. We inform him that there is nothing wrong with being a Gentile and it would be better if he remain a Gentile. However, if a Gentile demonstrates his sincere desire to convert and undergoes a rigorous program of study, dissuasion, and rejection for a long period of time, by so doing he can be accepted as a full fledge Jew. The potential convert, after demonstrating for a long period of time his commitment to observe the Torah and having knowledge of the basic laws of Judaism is then allowed to convert by a competent panel of three orthodox Rabbis. The convert must renounce all non-Jewish beliefs and accept the entire Torah and live by its laws. Then the male or female convert must immerse in a ritual bath before three rabbis. A male convert must also undergo circumcision. Then that person is considered a full Jew in every way except that a female convert may not marry a Cohen, a priest who is a direct descendant through the male line of Aron the first High priest.
The Talmud tells us that the three main good characteristics that all Jews possess are that they are by nature merciful to others, have humility, and are modest (they are modest when it comes to their nakedness and thus do not easily expose their bodies in public when it comes to dress, immorality, and they demonstrate dignity when they use the bathroom etc.). In addition, the Talmud states that all Jews deep down have a strong belief in G-d because they are descendants of the three greatest believers of all, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob their forefathers. In addition, the Talmud tells us that when a Jew adheres to the Torah there is no other People that is better than the Jew. However, when a Jew chooses to abandon the Torah, no one else can sink lower than that Jew in his depravity. Those Jews who have chosen to debase themselves have the potential to sink lower than the Gentiles, as history has shown. In addition, the Torah refers to the Jews as, “A stiff necked people” (Exodus 34:9). This quality by itself is not evil. It all depends how this characteristic is used. The Jews used this quality to stand against the tide of assimilation for thousands of years. They did not give up their faith in G-d despite the threats of torture, death, confiscation of property, denial of human rights, expulsion etc. They remained loyal to G-d and His Torah. In addition, another positive aspect of being stiff-necked is that the Jews do not easily accept new fads or philosophies which would have them abandon their belief in G-d. However, a negative aspect of being stiff-necked is that once a Jew has chosen to abandon G-d it is not so easy to convince them to return to G-d. However, G-d easily accepts any Jew who wishes to repent. In one instant a Jew can change from a sinner to saint if he does sincere repentance. (Note: Jews have other positive character traits but this will be discussed in another article).
Another aspect of being Jewish is the Jew’s unique relationship with G-d that no other nation has. The Talmud relates that G-d offered this special status to all the other nations before he offered this status to the Jews. The other nations first questioned G-d about the contents of the Torah’s laws before they would accept it. G-d told the various different nations about the restrictive laws such as not to steal, not to commit acts of immorality etc. The various different nations said they could not abide by such restrictions and declined to accept the Torah. The Jews were then offered the torah and they accepted it without even questioning what the content of its laws were as the verse says, “He (Moses) took the Book of the Covenant (the Torah) and read (some parts of it) in earshot of the (Jewish) people, and they said (even before knowing the Torah’s entire contents), “Everything that G-d has spoken, we (Jews) will do and will obey! (and accept the entire Torah)” (Exodus 24:7) From the day the Jews accepted the entire Torah onward, the Jews were G-d’s chosen and special people as the verse says, “You (the Jews) shall be holy to Me, for I G-d am holy; I have separated you (the Jews) from the peoples (of the world) to be mine (alone).” (Leviticus 20:26)
However, being chosen does not mean that the Jews can sit on their laurels and not fulfill the mission that G-d has chosen for them. Being chosen comes with the awesome responsibility of hard work and to observe the Torah. Being chosen does not mean to become arrogant and to mock the nations of the world who were not chosen. Being chosen means that the Jew must live up to the highest of moral standards that G-d requires of a chosen people. The Jews were warned in many places in the Torah and many times by the Jewish prophets that if they failed to keep the Torah properly they would be exiled from the land of Israel and would suffer and be degraded for centuries scattered throughout the world in exile. The punishments would last until the Jews would decide to return to G-d or until G-d would have mercy upon them. As the Torah and Jewish prophets warned these dire predictions were fulfilled until this very day. Therefore, being the chosen people not only is a great privilege but an awesome responsibility. However, with the Jews return to Israel in the last century after years of torturous exile the punishments of the exile are starting to come to an end as predicted by the Torah and the Jewish prophets.
There are 613 main commandments and tens of thousands of sub-category commandments and hundreds of rabbinical commandments that each Jew must strive to observe. No one Jew can observe all of the 613 commandments alone. For example, there are commandments that only apply to certain segments of Jews such as commandments that apply only to priests, only to Levites, only to women, only to land owners, only to kings, only to judges, only to prophets, only to those who are in certain types of marital or family situations etc. No one Jew can fulfill all 613 commandments alone. Therefore, if a Jew fulfills a commandment that is unique to his situation it is as if all Israel fulfilled that commandment because all of the Jews are part of one collective soul.
In addition, there are two main categories of commandments. There are commandments that are performed between man and G-d (religious rituals, prayer, Torah study, wearing tefilin (holy boxes worn on the head and arm), tzititz (fringes), affixing a mezuzah to one’s doorpost etc.) and there are commandments that are performed between man and his fellow man (doing acts of kindness, giving respect to others, giving charity etc.). They are equally important and both categories of commandments must be observed. Since there are literally tens of thousands of laws and situations in life where these laws can be applied a Jew is required to establish a daily Torah study schedule so he will know how to practice the laws and fulfill G-d’s will. The most important of the 613 commandments is to study the Torah daily so one will come to practice the laws properly. One is required to learn Torah from a qualified and learned teacher who himself practices the Torah and lives up to the high moral standards that the Torah demands.
There are endless levels of Torah observance. Each Jew is required to do the best he can based on his abilities, education, situation, background, and circumstances. G-d judges everyone accordingly. If a Jew was brought up in a non-observant home and has no or little Jewish education or knowledge of Torah G-d will be understanding of that person and take his situation into consideration. A Jew like this should make every effort to find a competent teacher and place himself in a situation where he can join an observant Jewish community to learn how to be a proper Jew. Every Jew who is ignorant of Judaism is still able to practice certain basic commandments of Judaism even without much knowledge until he is able to find a competent teacher. Such examples of commandments that one can follow is to say daily that one believes in the One G-d of Israel, pray to G-d as often as possible in one’s own words and language praising or asking G-d for help, to eat only kosher labeled foods, to honor the Sabbath to one’s ability, to keep Passover by not eating bread products, fast on Yom Kippur, to be kind and helpful to others, give charity to help one’s fellow Jews, respect one’s elders and parents, to read English translated books on the Torah etc. Rebbe Nachman said that G-d loves the effort of every Jew, even the sinners of Israel, to come close to Him, this is very precious in G-d’s eyes.
The main part of the Torah had to be given orally because of corrupters both from within the Jewish people and from without, from Gentile corrupters. As was mentioned above, the teachings of Moses was safeguarded orally without error by the thousands of sages throughout the centuries in order to ensure that the Torah would be safeguarded by knowledgeable Torah experts who were exceptional in their fear of G-d and were of the highest moral fiber and integrity. They were the ones who flawlessly preserved the Torah exactly as it was given by Moses. This is why the Torah was preserved by the mere fact that much of the Torah’s mysteries and details were transmitted orally to those qualified sages who knew how to interpret and observe the Torah properly.
The following are some of the teachings given by those who tried to corrupt the Torah but have failed miserably because they lacked the knowledge of the Oral Torah. Having no knowledge of the Oral Torah clearly exposes any of the corrupter’s attempts to revise, twist, and misinterpret the Torah to their agendas. Having an Oral Torah clearly shows G-d’s wisdom in concealing much of the Torah’s teachings to only those who are qualified to possess such knowledge.
The following are some examples at attempts to corrupt the Torah.
Many imitators such as the Sadducees, Kari rites, Christians, Muslims etc. have been so bold as to claim that the scriptures are theirs and that they are the chosen people instead of the Jews. Had the oral Torah been put into writing, or had the Oral torah been easy to acquire, the imitators would have seized upon all the vast knowledge that the Jews possess and would claim it is theirs. The Midrash tells us that G-d foresaw that the Gentiles would translate the Torah into Greek and say that they too, are Israel. G-d says to the Gentiles: Why do you say that you are my children? I know only those as My children who possess My secrets. What are My secrets? The Mishna (and Talmud).
When Christianity and Islam were first created they incorporated in their writings many errors about the interpretations of the original Torah because they had no knowledge of the Oral Torah which gave the correct interpretations of the written Torah text. These errors were incorporated for all time in their texts and cannot now be changed. The Christian and Islamic mistakes in interpreting the Bible stand as permanent monuments to their deceit, corruption, and inaccuracy. Even the most ignorant among the Jews perceive the errors of the Christian and Islamic innovators. For example the famous verse that says, “An eye for an eye” (Exodus 21:24). The Christian and Islamic scholars take this verse literally. However, the Oral Torah tells us this refers to monetary compensation. When the Christians and Islamics observe their day of rest modeled upon the Torah they observe Sunday and Friday and they do not know which work is forbidden on these days. The precise day of rest and which work is forbidden on the Sabbath was given in the Oral Torah alone and therefore the Christians and Islamics have erred about the precise Sabbath day and which work is forbidden. Many other laws and verses of the Torah are erroneously corrupted by these two faiths because they lack the knowledge of the oral Torah. This is the sole reason for making the Oral Torah less accessible to the nations of the world.
After the death of Alexander the Great, the Greek king Ptolemy forced the holy sages to translate the holy written Torah into Greek and it became a tool for the nations of the world to corrupt it. Through the nation’s ignorance they began to interpret the scriptures to mean just the opposite of what it was really intended. In their ignorance the nations began to teach doctrines which were really abhorred by G-d. In addition, the nations explained the Torah in a manner which belittled the scriptures, belittled the Jewish forefathers, and great men of our nation, and which made the Torah’s laws appear crude and harsh. In their hatred of the Jews, the Christians and Islamics invented the theory that the Torah laws were made harsh for the purpose of being a yoke and a punishment for the wickedness of the Jews. This propaganda by the Christians and Islamics prepared the way for their doctrines that they have received as a new law which is more just and lenient as befits the “more righteous” Christians or Islamics. Although the Christians and Islamics profess to revere the Torah, they minimized their value in order to aggrandize their own false writings. The only real value the Christians and Islamics found in the Torah were only those quotations that corroborated their doctrines. Those teachings in the Torah that did not support their teachings were mocked, ignored, and then disregarded. The Christians and Islamics erroneously used certain verses in the Torah as excuses to torture men for the “glory of G-d”, when helpless and lone old women were burned as witches, when so-called heretics were burned at the stake etc. put an unpleasant taste for the Torah in the eyes of the nations. The Torah does not command such atrocities to be committed against human beings as the Christians and the Muslims claim and have afflicted upon innocent people. As a result, the Torah’s laws and teachings acquired an unpleasant taste in the rest of the world, even amongst the uneducated Jews. Now that the Christians and Muslims have poisoned the taste of the Torah the world cannot understand the sweetness and pleasant ways of the Torah. They cannot appreciate the holiness and sweetness of the Sabbath day or the pleasantness of observing the Torah and living a Torah family life etc.
Here are just a few more examples of how the Christians have corrupted the Torah: the verse says, “G-d spoke to you (the Jews) from the midst of the fire (at Mount Sinai); you were hearing the sounds of words, but you were not seeing any likeness, (you only) heard a sound. He (G-d) told you of His covenant that he commanded you (the Jews) to observe, the Ten Declarations, and He inscribed them on two stone tablets. … But you shall greatly beware of your souls, for you did not see any image on that day G-d spoke to you at Horeb (Mount Sinai), from the midst of the fire. Perhaps you act corruptly and make yourselves a carved image, a likeness of any shape; a form of a male or a female; a form of any animal that is on the earth; a form of any winged bird that flies in the heaven. a form of anything that creeps on the ground; a form of any fish that is in the water under the earth, and lest you raise your eyes to the heaven and you see the sun, and the moon, and the stars – the entire legion of heaven – and you be drawn astray and bow to them and worship them, which G-d has apportioned to all the peoples under the entire heaven! But G-d has taken you (the Jews) and withdrawn you from the iron furnace, from Egypt, to be a nation of heritage for Him (G-d), as this very day. (Deuteronomy 4:12-20) In these verses, the Torah clearly states that G-d has no image or form whatsoever yet the Christians have chosen to ignore these verses and they created an image for their god and said that god came down in human form. This was done to attract idol worshippers to their new religion which at the infancy of their religion needed to increase their numbers. A brief comment from the Oral Torah that explains the part of the verse that says: “The sun, the moon, and the stars … which G-d has apportioned to all the peoples under the entire heaven.” G-d has apportioned the heavenly bodies to the nations to enjoy their light, heat, and other useful properties. G-d does not prevent the nations from straying after bogus gods. To the Nations, G-d has given the physical light of the sun to enjoy, however to the Jews G-d has given the eternal spiritual light of the world to come to enjoy. (Rashi)

When King Solomon dedicated the first Temple in Jerusalem he said in his prayer to G-d the following, “For indeed, will G-d really dwell on earth? Why, even the heavens and the heavens’ heavens cannot contain You (G-d), certainly not this temple which I (King Solomon) have built. (I Kings 8:27) King Solomon was humbly saying that the Temple that he had built for G-d’s house cannot contain G-d because G-d is endless and is far above time and space. King Solomon was saying that no one should be fooled into thinking that a Temple can contain G-d’s divine Presence just because a cloud of G-d covered the Temple. G-d cannot be contained into a mere temple or house, which was large enough to contain the entire Jewish population. However, the Christians contradict this verse and say that G-d came to earth into the form of a man.
The Christians made dozens of mistakes when quoting verses from the Torah in their Testament. One such error of the many errors is the following verse, “All the persons who emerged from Jacob’s loins were 70 souls (who went down to Egypt)” (Exodus 1:5) In Acts 7, it states Joseph sent and summoned his father Jacob and all his family to Egypt, 75 souls. Error! off by 5. Another mistake in Acts 7, it says Jacob was buried in Shechem which Abraham had bought from the sons of Chamor. Two errors! Jacob was not buried in Shechem and Abraham did not purchase the land from the sons of Chamor. The Torah tells us that Jacob was buried in Chevron in the Cave of Machpela (Genesis 50:13) and that Jacob purchased land from Chamor (Genesis 33:19). The mistakes made in the Christian Bible when quoting the Torah are too numerous to list here. Just suffice with the two examples that were given.
Due to all the above mentioned errors, distortions, and corruptions it is forbidden and not proper to teach Torah to non-Jews. The parts of the Torah that the nations have had access to they have defiled and perverted causing so much death and destruction to the world through their erroneous teachings. This is why Israel has been singled out as a kingdom of priests and therefore they alone are worthy to possess both the written and oral Torahs.
I hope I have shed some light upon a very confusing topic and have given some inspiration to those who were misinformed. I hoped I have helped Dacon with his quest for truth and to enlighten the misguided and to unmask the deceivers of the truth and to expose their falsehoods. Dacon has requested that those who were inspired by this article to please respond with comments or questions about this article. Thank you Dacon.

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