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May 20th, 2009 · No Comments

THROW AWAY THE LAWS THE NATION OF ISRAEL LIVED BY FOR 3500 YEARS. Trash them all.Judaism is no longer spiritually holy connected by Hashem to the people because ‘HE’ wanted it, not because ‘we’ wanted it.

People today think and treat Judaism as if its a health club. Go to the front desk sign up get a bar of soapand a bath towel for the homosexuals with spandex jump suits, get a guitar for the lesbian ‘rabbis’  to play on shabbat while holding hands with her partner,while the woman ”temple” president gives preferred seating up front for her bridge club. Yep, judaism is now a health club,eat bagels and lox with a schmear of cream cheese and FEEL like a jew and WALLA ..they are  jew. PEE WEE HERMAN FELT HIS JEWISHNESS ONE NIGHT IN A MOVIE THEATRE AND WAS ARRESTED.

The world is upside down. Our prophets told us of this day when the good will be seen as bad and the bad will be seen as good. nowadays when you warn a fellow Jews that they are wrong and its against torah. They scream ‘lashon hara, lashon hara, you’re talking bad about me. Its insanity,they just want to ‘know the truth about themselves.

The following is a talkback from a blog, This is expressly forbidden, NOT JEWISH .This is the destruction of judaism.

””I am a Jew in my heart. My Father was Jewish and he always told me that I should be proud to be a Jew. My Mother was born a Catholic but she hardly practiced any religion. I married a Jewish man and have raised my children as Jews. Both of my daughters married Jewish men and their baby boys had circumcisions and they will be bar mitzvahed. Contrary to the doomsday predictions of others on the blog, the Jewish heritage continues,


Many communities do not allow conversions who eventually revert to their old xtian beliefs. Conversions and NOahides are a pretense unless performed by a competent torah orthodox rabbi that is accepted and recognized as a authority in the ‘rabbinical world”.

I was listening to a ‘noahide internet’ radio broadcast where an important person in that field of bringing xtians to the noahide movement was discussing  ”members in their noahide club’. They offered how good it is to be a noahide and to believe in the Gd of Israel and Torah. Their case in point was a Noahide married to a xtian , they are living peacefully and happy together while practicing both movments and raising their children with both ”faiths”.

xtian and noahide in the world can they do that, ”’ noahide ””must dismiss all connections to xtians idols symbols jeus and newtestaments etc etc . xtians believe in what the noahide must dismiss..HOW THE HELL DO THAT, THEY RAISE THIER CHILDREN WITH BOTH DOCTRINES?  What do they do…split the xmas tree down the middle, hang up a cross with one side broken off, hahah what do they say,, jeus had ONE arm so the cross also has only one arm extending outward..what else do they do…hang a string of xmas lights with every other bulb out ? DID YOU EVER WONDER WHO FEEDS THEIR STATUES, AND WHO GETS TO SCRUB DOWN THEIR IDOLS, I BET THE PRIEST LOVES THE CROTCH DETAIL ON ALL THOSE MALE STATUES.

((((((((((((((((  INSANITY the world is insane )))))))))))))

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