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September 21st, 2009 · No Comments

To  some the shofar is like an echoe. It bounces off them like the echo bounces off the walls. No effect, No awakening, Nothing has changed to some, they diminished in character.Again I was in a different sephardic shul. This time in Lakewood NJ. and found time to get the rabbi of  the shul to talk to me in the holidays busy schedule of preparing to make a speech and other rabbincal duties.

This rabbi said no different from any other Rabbi. why do I need this arutz sheva. leave it . go away and learn Torah. He went on to say, anyone that believes in what is said on those shows are  fools. What was said maybe was for entertainment value and to use Torah as entertainment value is foolish. What right do they have to say such things is no right other then people can chose right or wrong paths. If people listen to such rediculous things  they are fools.

MESSAGE TO READERS: we all need to grow up sometime. Me from recording every tovia singer show and studying the tapes to now learning there are possibly many other errors in translating or transmitting judaosm holy scriptures  to not istening at all.PERIOD!  TO ERASING ALL HIS RECORDING. HOW DO I KNOW WHAT IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT VALUE AND WHAT IS TRUE TORAH LESSONS…my basic lknowledge , my intuition, my living and breathing with torah orthodox jews, i know..but what if I make a mistake…mistakes reverberating, they have lifelong ripple effects.

I am safer never tuning in to my lost friend, my lost hero. The lesson I learned…LISTEN ONLY TO MY TORAH ORTHODOX RABBIS AND NOT AN ENTERTAINER. ARUTZ SHEVA SEEMS TO HAVE OTHER REAL RABBIS AND COMMENTATORS THAT ARE NOT CPONTROVERSIAL LIKE ‘ THE SCHMUZ’ , JAY SHAPIRO, WALTER BINGHAM AND A FEW, I MEAN FEW WRITERS. FIND A TRUE RABBI,not reformed deformed, conserrvative,modernorthodox recontructionist,,,they are all heretics…. GD SAID DO NOT CHANGE A LETTER OF MY TORAH.

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