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The Pope Does Israel

May 18th, 2009 · No Comments

The Pope Does Israel
The former Cardinal Ratzinger is really stepping into it as the Pope during his “Let’s make friends with everybody,” Israeli tour.
His spokesperson, Reverend Frederico Lombardi announced to all that as a child, Ratzinger never never was a member of the Hitler Youth. That was a strange announcement since even as he was installed as pope, he admitted he was a member of the group.
Then there are these great pictures and videos. He’s davening at the Kosel, He’s Mu slumming at the Mosque. He’s making nice nice with Israel. he’s listening to speeches about how Israel must be destroyed. (No he did not walk out in middle of the speech, he walked out after it ended.)
Is this guy confused? If he believes in his own religion, what’s he doing at the Kotel or the Mosque for that matter? Perhaps he’s open minded about this religion thing.
By the way, what’s with some of these Rabbis? Have they figured out which religion they are part of? Or is it more important to be photographed and have their photo with the pope plastered all over the world? Haven’t they heard of Photo Shop?



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