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October 19th, 2010 · No Comments

 L’zecher nishamos Rav Yochanon Motel ben Rav Ephraim and Moras Esther Leah bas Rav Yehudah Yoseph   B”H     
The Salant Center
eMussar – The Wisdom of Personal Growth

“For my sun and my shield is G-d; HaShem Elokim bestows favor and glory. He will not withhold goodness from those who walk sincerely. HaShem of Hosts, fortunate is the man who trusts in You.”
King David composed these moving words to strengthen the hearts of the People of Israel when they are in exile. HaShem is “my sun” i.e., He will be a Great Light to us when we dwell in the darkness of the exile. In addition, he is “my shield,” that is, He also protects us from harm. 
Even more, HaShem will grant favor and goodness to “those who walk sincerely” with HaShem and wholeheartedly return to Him. What’s more, He will honor them by freeing them the exile.
Fortunate is the person who strengthens his faith to believe in HaShem’s deliverance, as so eloquently expressed in the above verse. He will not despair at the length and troubles of the exile. Even more, he will trust and believe that HaShem will liberate him from the exile, rebuild the holy Temple, and bring him to the Temple courtyards so that he can rejoice and worship in the splendor of the Shechinah.
In this light, King David completes this Psalm with the Prophetic words, “HaShem of Hosts, fortunate is the man who trusts in You.” For two thousand years the holy words of King David have encouraged us and strengthened us with irrepressible trust and faith in HaShem.
In our hearts, every member of Klal Yisrael believes that HaShem will redeem us and reveal His glorious light upon us in Jerusalem, forever.
[Based on the commentary of the Radak]
TODAY: Place your trust in HaShem and rejoice in His light, protection, and deliverance.

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