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THE CHRISTAIN ‘jules’ FIGHTS BACK with xtian love,(this is a continuation of the xtian assault on Jews and the article one below )

April 9th, 2012 · No Comments

This guy jules has been dying to convert me for 3 years. He has tried every game and every lie in the xtian book. This guy promised me money, he offered to come to New York to meet me and discuss his pagan idols. I SET UP A ‘ON AIR’ DISCUSSION WITH RABBI TOVIA SINGER. who may be the #1 anti missionary Rabbi in the world. and this jules first told me he has to prepare then he had a cold then he was going away for a week,One excuse after another. jULES COULDNT DEBATE ME. I dont accept lies How can you discuss a lie? a misinterpreation of hebrew? a lie about the transaltion of Torah and our hebrew prophets?.i SEND HIM POINTS to ponder, HE DIVERTS TO HIS IDOL MANTRA FORGETTING I AM SMARTER THEN HIM…LOLOL The following is his latest email to me.
I was at your website briefly and noticed that your brother has died.
My sincere condolences. I’m sorry.

You’re young, right?, if you care to discuss it, how did he die?
I also read what someone named “steve” said to you

Know this: That the Holy Spirit gives Christians a love for Jews, and anyone who say’s the kind of stuff he said (about letting Hitler kill, etc…) certainly does not have the Holy Spirit in him, and that means such a person, no matter what he say’s, isn’t a Christian.

Since you appear to hate me (I say this because of what you write in the email you send me,) I normally don’t write you. I have been hoping that other Christians would carry on with you where I have failed. Apparently not.

Really, it comes down to your asking God to tell you, for I can do nothing.
Enjoy Israel!, our God made it for the Jews.

And yes, one day the nothern border will be the Litani river, and the eastern border of the nation of Israel will extend to the Euphrates and the Tigris. And water won’t be in short supply, Israel will be a land like the US (not religiously!, not politically!, only agriculturally.) In the US we can grow crops, Israel is already a nation that grows lot’s of fruit, but imagine that the western desert of Iraq, where Sademn had placed rockets to fire against Israel in the first Iraqi war will, one day, be suitable for growing all manner of crops.
And you guessed it. Condos!

I definitely!!! do not imagine that the best Israel can do is to follow the architectural image of America. But I grew up in North Miami, Florida, one town over from North Miami Beach.

Though I here am trying to avoid the hard arguing, because I cherish you and don’t want to fight with you, please, I am writing something that I want you to read.

It’s based a lot on what the ancient writers said, men such as Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, even Zechariah. When I finish it I will send it to you.

I do have something serious to discuss with you when you are ready…
Your friend,

well jules is my friend…lololol
amazing, no matter how much i will counter him even use filthy words, like all missionaries, they focus on their goal…capture the JEW.

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