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R’ YISROEL HAKOHANE PT 2 OF 4 and CHER submitted a very interesting article

November 28th, 2011 · No Comments

FROM: Sophia Katz 

To the Staff/editors at Jews with views.
Thanks so much for posting the info about Military families.
I gave the details of the notice to two families; and, they have passed it along to several others who appreciated it very much.
thank you for providing support and warmth to all, military service men, and women, who serve and; who have served their countries proudly from all over the globe.


COMMENTARY: continuing series by Yisroel Hakohane part 2 of 4:

The Talmud tells us that the three main good characteristics that all Jews possess are that they are by nature merciful to others, have humility, and are modest (they are modest when it comes to their nakedness and thus do not easily expose their bodies in public when it comes to dress, immorality, and they demonstrate dignity when they use the bathroom etc.). In addition, the Talmud states that all Jews deep down have a strong belief in G-d because they are descendants of the three greatest believers of all, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob their forefathers. In addition, the Talmud tells us that when a Jew adheres to the Torah there is no other People that is better than the Jew. However, when a Jew chooses to abandon the Torah, no one else can sink lower than that Jew in his depravity. Those Jews who have chosen to debase themselves have the potential to sink lower than the Gentiles, as history has shown. In addition, the Torah refers to the Jews as, “A stiff necked people” (Exodus 34:9). This quality by itself is not evil. It all depends how this characteristic is used. The Jews used this quality to stand against the tide of assimilation for thousands of years. They did not give up their faith in G-d despite the threats of torture, death, confiscation of property, denial of human rights, expulsion etc. They remained loyal to G-d and His Torah. In addition, another positive aspect of being stiff-necked is that the Jews do not easily accept new fads or philosophies which would have them abandon their belief in G-d. However, a negative aspect of being stiff-necked is that once a Jew has chosen to abandon G-d it is not so easy to convince them to return to G-d. However, G-d easily accepts any Jew who wishes to repent. In one instant a Jew can change from a sinner to saint if he does sincere repentance. (Note: Jews have other positive character traits but this will be discussed in another article).
Another aspect of being Jewish is the Jew’s unique relationship with G-d that no other nation has. The Talmud relates that G-d offered this special status to all the other nations before he offered this status to the Jews. The other nations first questioned G-d about the contents of the Torah’s laws before they would accept it. G-d told the various different nations about the restrictive laws such as not to steal, not to commit acts of immorality etc. The various different nations said they could not abide by such restrictions and declined to accept the Torah. The Jews were then offered the torah and they accepted it without even questioning what the content of its laws were as the verse says, “He (Moses) took the Book of the Covenant (the Torah) and read (some parts of it) in earshot of the (Jewish) people, and they said (even before knowing the Torah’s entire contents), “Everything that G-d has spoken, we (Jews) will do and will obey! (and accept the entire Torah)” (Exodus 24:7) From the day the Jews accepted the entire Torah onward, the Jews were G-d’s chosen and special people as the verse says, “You (the Jews) shall be holy to Me, for I G-d am holy; I have separated you (the Jews) from the peoples (of the world) to be mine (alone).” (Leviticus 20:26)
However, being chosen does not mean that the Jews can sit on their laurels and not fulfill the mission that G-d has chosen for them. Being chosen comes with the awesome responsibility of hard work and to observe the Torah. Being chosen does not mean to become arrogant and to mock the nations of the world who were not chosen. Being chosen means that the Jew must live up to the highest of moral standards that G-d requires of a chosen people. The Jews were warned in many places in the Torah and many times by the Jewish prophets that if they failed to keep the Torah properly they would be exiled from the land of Israel and would suffer and be degraded for centuries scattered throughout the world in exile. The punishments would last until the Jews would decide to return to G-d or until G-d would have mercy upon them. As the Torah and Jewish prophets warned these dire predictions were fulfilled until this very day. Therefore, being the chosen people not only is a great privilege but an awesome responsibility. However, with the Jews return to Israel in the last century after years of torturous exile the punishments of the exile are starting to come to an end as predicted by the Torah and the Jewish prophets.


CHER thank you  for your caring. Great article> Sorry I am so late posting this but its stil important.

The Japanese Cantor and the Three-Day Pass

 By Capt Rubin

06 Oct 11Posted in: Editor’s Picks, Great Stories, Holidays

This great story was forwarded to us by one of our regular readers. It was originally published in Midstream Magazine in 1996. It is shared with permission from the author, Mike Lipstock. While it is a work of fiction, it is still a fine tale. Apologies for the slurs, but it was the vernacular of the time period.

Today is Yom Kippur, the holiest day of our Jewish year. Our day of atonement, the day we try to have our sins forgiven. In your seventies you take it all a little more seriously. As I walked home from the synagogue, a flood of memories going back to the fall of 1943, filled my mind.

It started in central Burma in the midst of a raging inferno at the height of a devastating war. I was a young infantry sergeant, a platoon leader, and we were being torn to pieces by the Japanese 16th Imperial division. We were dug into the mud on the edge of the Irrawaddy River, which we were going to cross. We were ready to go, when at that instant, the hand of destiny pulled me out.

I was having a private conference with God about survival when the Top Kick himself came sliding into my dugout. The Top Kick is the guy who has the power and glue to weld the whole outfit together.

“We ready to go Top?” I asked.

“Not yet, I gotta ask you something. Are you Jewish?” “What do you wanna know that for?”

“If you are, I got some good news. Are you?”


“Listen to this, I’m gonna read it to you, you’re get­ting a three-day pass!! All Jewish personnel are granted a three-day pass, effective immediately, for their holy holi­days. They are to proceed to the closest place of worship. Transportation will be provided for.”

“Ya mean, with a whole regiment of Japs in front of me, I’m getting out of here? Where do I find this magic synagogue?”

“Go up to Imbong and visit your old pal, Mel, in K company. He’s Jewish, ain’t he?”

“Come on, sarge. They’re taking a worse shellacking than we are.”

“Look, you wanna go, or not?”

“I’m going, but how do I get to Imbong?”


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