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Editor of Jews with views:
Rav Rabinovich: The Kosel is Not a Banquet Hall; Immigrant Ceremony to Be Held On Aish Hatorah Roof
For years, the Jewish Agency has held a ceremony at the Kosel to welcome new immigrants to Israel. Now, weeks after Rav Shmuel Rabinovich, the rov of the Kosel, in an attempt to preserve the kedushah of the Kosel, said that the ceremonies should be held separately for men and women, he has asked for the ceremonies granting identity cards to new immigrants at the Kosel plaza to be halted altogether.
The ceremonies are part of a Jewish Agency initiative, together with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, to speed up the citizenship process.  As of this summer, newly arrived immigrants are taken to register for all the requisite services – such as health insurance and opening a bank account – on their first day in Israel and then to the Kosel for a ceremony in which they receive their ID cards as Israelis.
The event takes place on the parade ground in front of the Kosel, where men and women can pass freely. The ceremony is mixed, with men and women sitting together.
In late July, the Kosel administration demanded the agency separate men and women at the ceremonies. It also demanded no ceremonies be hosted by women, and that the events must take place even further from the davening area, on the pedestrian route across the plaza.
Paula Edelstein, chairwoman of the Immigration and Absorption Committee at the Jewish Agency, said last month that the agency was considering stopping the ceremonies at the Kosel and noted that the last such ceremony took place at the Har Hatzofim amphitheater of the Hebrew University. Edelstein is a member of the Israel Religious Action Center of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism  ( YES PLEASE LEAVE THE KOSEL AND HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! BECAUSE YOUR ACTIONS DESECRATE IT!)
Rav Rabinovich sent a letter last week the heads of the Jewish Agency seeking to put an end to the ceremonies welcoming immigrants at the Kosel.
Tomorrow, the Jewish Agency was supposed to welcome no less than 5 flights of immigrants coming from 5 different countries. Hundreds of new immigrants were supposed to get together at a special ceremony at the Kosel.  THATS ALL THAT WE NEED IN ERETZ HAKODESH, MORE PEOPLE WHO ARENT HALACHICLY JEWISH.  OF COURSE THERE IS NO WAY TO TELL HOW MANY OF THESE APIKORSES ARENT JEWISH BUT STATISTICALLY MORE THEN 70% OF REFORM JEWS INTERMARRY AND SINCE THE STATE OF ISRAEL FOLLOWS THE NUREMBURG STANDARDS FOR WHO IS/ISNT A JEW THAT LEAVES MANY PEOPLE!  ACCORDING TO THSOE STANDARDS ALL THAT IT TAKES TO BE JEWISH IS THAT ONE OF YOUR GRANDPARENTS WAS A PRACTICING JEW.  YEP THATS RIGHT FOLKS THAT ALL!  DONT BELIEVE ME LOOK IT UP!  However, last week the agency officials in Yerushalayim received a letter from Rav Rabinovich informing them that they would be unable to hold the ceremony as it is a mixed gathering.
The letter stated: “The Kosel is not the place for this ceremony in light of the enormous kedushah of the Kosel….The Kosel plaza cannot be a place for events…and only prayer ceremonies will take place at the Kosel Plaza,”  THIS RAV UNDERSTANDS THAT KEDUSHA IS UNDER THREAT BY ASSIMILATION.  ASSIMLATIONIST JEWS SEEK TO TURN EVERYTHING WHICH IS KEDUSHA INTO SOMETHING WHICH IS “CULTURAL” FOR ALL.  the letter said. According to reports, the Jewish Agency received the letter in disbelief:  WELCOME TO TORAH JEWRY DORKS!
“This is about people who left everything behind to do the deed and go to support Zionist Israel – for years we are conducting these events at the Kosel with immigrants are sitting with their families and receive a respectable reception…” said the agency.  YES AS YOU SAID THIS IS ABOUT ZIONISM AND NOT ABOUT HKBH AND THE TORAH
The letter from Rav Rabinovich of course aroused the wrath of the Reform and Conservative communities around the world who are part of the board of the Jewish Agency. According to agency officials, they have contacted the Knesset and prime minister’s office demanding that they intervene and bring about a change in the decision.
In the meantime, the Jewish Agency will indeed stop holding citizenship ceremonies for new immigrants at the Kosel plaza, in keeping with the request from Rav Rabinovich. Tomorrow’s ceremony will be held instead on the roof of Yeshiva Aish Hatorah overlooking the Kosel.
A spokesman for Jewish Agency chair Natan Sharansky said Sharansky and the agency have accepted Rav Rabinovitch’s demands to stop the ceremonies, agreeing they were civic, not religious.
Rav Rabinovich told Haaretz that the request to stop holding the ceremonies at the Kosel had nothing to do with segregation.
“This is a purely administrative question about the character of the Kosel. The Kosel is not a banquet hall,” he said.
When asked whether official ceremonies held at the Kosel, including the annual IDF memorial ceremony, would be canceled, officials at the heritage foundation said, “The official state ceremonies will go on. It just goes to show the Kotel is not dominated by the chareidim.”

july 29,2009

Att Editor.

enclosed is my chat-back to the first two storylines.                                          Chaverim,

We all struggle in this world to understand why we suffer and why we
are here.  As TishaB’av arrives Jews are again reminded of this and
for a few days every year kamsa bar kamsa becomes a part of our
vocabulary again.  And for those of you who were frum from birth the
story can become a tedious monotonous anecdote.  I mean how many
different ways can you really hear the same story told every year and
does it bring any understanding to our suffering/plight?  So I am NOT
going to retell the story in an updated hashkafa but instead I am
going to attempt something different.

I am going to shed a little illumination to the kamsa bar kamsa story
by adding a historical element (Roman General Tiberius Alexander) to
the discussion and then applying this erudition to a 21st century
vegetable (the seedless watermelon).  Yeah I bet you have never heard
this approach before… Did I lose you yet?  How do they have to do with
suffering or the destruction of the Temple you ask?  I promise all
will be explained in due time… And I remind you that my use of a
vegetable (the seedless watermelon) is not so abnormal when you
consider a master of Torah is compared to an “Eshkol Anavim”, a full
cluster of grapes.

Remember life is about growing and learning threw our experiences so
we don’t repeat the same mistakes.  I think sadly we (klal Israel) are
unable to grasp a lot of our ancestor’s teachings because we are
unable to bridge time, specifically 2,000 years.  So my goal is to
help bridge time and understanding of our plight to help solve the
suffering which ails us!
Think of it as a complicated math problem that needs to be solved and
once we have solved the problem we all share a greater sense of
accomplishment and have achieved a higher level of self actualization.
And from this we can teach others, until gradually we remove much of
the suffering we face.

I should add though that while I have found a solution, like many math
problems there is different ways to solve the same problem.  So I
don’t claim to have a monopoly on the answer but I have found one
which I think will add to everyone of us…  When I am done hopefully
you won’t ever see a seedless watermelon the same way again.

I realize that many of you do not know who my historical variable
Tiberius Julius Alexander is, so I am going to tell you a little bit
about him… Tiberius Julius Alexander was the Roman Govenor (Prefect)
of Egypt. During his tenure there was great division amongst Jews and
Greeks took Jewish prisoners, (we read about this in the Talmud, they
took Jewish women before the chuppah and raped them ) leading the
Jewish side to threaten to burn Greeks houses.  Apparently as a result
of this division Tiberious was forced to take action.  He apparently
warned the Jewish people and then ” Tiberius gave the (roman soldiers)
men leave not merely to kill them (the Jews) but also to plunder their
property and burn down their houses. They felt no pity for infants, no
respect for the
aged; old and young were slaughtered right and left, so that the whole
district was deluged with blood and 50,000 corpses were heaped up:
even the remnant would not have survived had they not begged for mercy
till Alexander, pitying them, ordered the Romans to retire, (
Josephus, War 2.494-497 )

For his loyalty to Rome and his political backing of the new Roman
Emperor he was rewarded by becoming a general of Roman Army. In fact,
he was over the entire Roman Army only second in command to Titus.
Furthermore, he helped destroy the city of Jerusalem, and was there
when the Temple was destroyed. Oh did I forget to mention that he was
a Jew?  He was a wealthy Roman Jewish citizen and was the nephew of
the famous Hellenist Jew “Philo of Alexander”.  And according to the
accounts of Josephus his father donated some of the gold for the outer
Temple doors.

So here is the problem:  What does Kamsa bar Kamsa have to do with
Tiberius Julius Alexander and seedless watermelons?  How are they
related?  They all share a common denominator, what is it? (not
rhetorical question, I would like your imput and answers because I can
learn as much (maybe more) from you as you can from me)

I look forward to your feedback; I will adapt my emails to your
questions/input.  I intend on answering this problem over the course
of several months.  Once a week I am going to send an email explaining
why we suffer founded on the answer to the aforementioned question.  I
will begin with the most general reason, then get specific and over
time build a bridge from the 1st century to the 21st.

From: EDITOR <>


JULY 24,2009


 This is something I put together very quickly for you to read over…

 ”As Av Approaches”

 In Taanis 29a, we read “When we enter Av, our joy is diminished”.  As

we know the saddest day in Jewish history falls on this month and many

of the worst tragedies (which dont need repeating) have befallen our

people this month.  And yet this month is also refered to by some as

the Month of Comfort.  As it is said that when messiach comes this day

of morning (Tisha Bav) will be turned into a day of celebration.

 So let us look at the positive side of the month a bit more. Some of

the positive  which happens/happened this month in our history.  TuBav

where maidens seek marriage.  The Tribe of Benjamin was allowed to

intermarry with the other tribes after the incident at Gibeah.  The

breaking of the ax occurs when the wood for the main altar in the

Temple was completed for the year.  The nights, traditionally the

ideal time for Torah study, are lengthened again,allowing for more

study…  The Macabeans established a holliday celebrating their

victory over the Hellenist Jews, marking their victory restablishing

Torah law over secular law.  And there are many other worthy events in

our history which I dont have time to mention.

So as we see the Month of Av is a month imbued with two extremes. Why

is that and what does it mean? Perhaps it is best explained by looking

at one day in particular.  Let us look at how the month begins for a


The 1st of Av is the day Ezra with the help of Nehemiah (meaning Gd is

my comforter) returned with Jews from exile to rebuild Jerusalem.  On

the other hand on the 1st of Av our forefather Aaron died.  Now it

warrants mentioning that his yartzreit is the only one whose date is

explicitly mentioned in the written Torah.  And furthermore the Torah

says when Aaron died All (men and women) of Israel mourned but when

Moshe Rabbanu died only the men mourned.  Aaron was a man of peace and

brought comfort whether he walked.  So what do we learn from this?

We learn from the 1st of Av that when we warrant comfort Hashem sends

us comfort this month but when we dont we are sent great sadness.  And

on a deeper level the Shekinah has a greater propensity to arrive or

depart from us this month.  Just as it was arriving with Ezra and

Nehemiah and was departing with the death of Aaron.  The month of Av

is in a way a Heavenly thermometer forshadowing Yom Kippur.

Now I dont know about you but I believe that we havent been a holy

nation of priests this year; Our actions in Gaza (killing hundreds of

innocent children) and the actions in Jerusalem ( the zionist state

legally allowing the sale of chometz on Pesach this year and opening

many parking lots and shops on Shabbos) and many other reasons.

.  As I believe the 1st of Av is going to be sad and very

dangerous this year for Jews and by extension the entire world.  Do

your best to reduce your travels and activities, refrain from anything

unnecessary and try to study as much Torah as possible to conteract

this month of sadness.

 ps-comments and feedback are welcomed!



July 16,2009

Writing on a blog that I read regularly, one commenter asked, “Who
really runs Chareidi Israel?”

The topic that spawned this question was the recent demonstrations in
Yerushalayim, protesting the opening of a parking lot in the Holy City
on Shabbos. The presence of parking lot would enable-and thus
encourage-more people to drive on Shabbos.

According to media reports, the demonstration of several hundred
Jeruselamites chanting, “Shabbos, Shabbos” turned violent, with some
throwing stones, and a female reporter for ABC News claiming she had
been cursed and spat upon.

This naturally, and deservedly, set off a firestorm of criticism in
America, with pundits to the left and to the right decrying the
massive desecration of God’s Name that this behavior brought about.
Though many defended the Chareidi community in general and were
careful to single out the scofflaws, others were less charitable,
indicting the entire Chareidi community-their members, their leaders,
and even their beliefs.

It was in this light that the question was posed: “Who really runs
Chareidi Israel?”

I found the question naive, because it displays a fundamental
misunderstanding of how societies function, and troubling, because it
was asked by an educated person who ought to know better.

To presume that Chareidim are “run” reflects an ignorance of how they
live, attributing to Chariedi society a monolithic structure that
simply doesn’t exist. The perception of the Modern Orthodox world
appears to be that the Chareidim all think and act alike, and that
they are “handled” by someone, be it a Gadol or a kano’i.


None of those responsible for the actions being reported are doing so
so under the advisement of their Gedolim. Think about it: If a pulpit
rabbi can’t get his own congregant to stop talking during Chazoras
Hashatz, how do we expect a rav, Godol or otherwise, to stop someone
from acting like an idiot? The fact that the idiot dresses his violent
behavior in Chareidi “levush” is not a reason to assume that he is
doing so with the blessing of his rebbe. In his mind, he might even
believe he knows better than the rebbe (If Parshas Korach didn’t teach
us anything else, at least it should have taught us that much).

Many of the critics are saying that the numbers don’t matter-and
that’s true. Even one boy throwing one rock is enough to create one
front-page photo in the New York Times, and initiate a massive Chillul

However, one person’s behavior does not impeach all of Chareidi
society. That some would indict all Chareidim based on the actions of
a few says more about their personal prejudices than about the
education of Chareidi youth, which they rush to impugn. Destructive
behavior has nothing to do with Chareidi Judaism and everything to do
with human nature. A thug is a thug.

It is good and necessary for the rest of us-Chareidi, Yeshivish,
Chasidish, Modern Orthodox-to react against this behavior with a loud
and unequivocal voice, by protesting against the protesters through
blogs, emails, and letters to the editor, insisting that this behavior
is not representative of Torah or its leaders.

However it is also important for us to recognize that the media do
blow this out of proportion. It’s not necessarily anti-religious
sentiment (though I believe that plays a role); it’s simply what the
media is trained to do. A journalist taught me long ago the mantra of
journalism: Dog Bites Man isn’t news; Man Bites Dog is. So journalists
are often, if not always, willing to sacrifice truth on the altar of

I’m not here to defend the despicable behavior of certain Jews in
Jerusalem. However, it behooves one to recognize that the number of
such people is limited.

The Jerusalem Post reported that “several hundred haredim” protested
this past Shabbos. That was in contradistinction to the “largely
peaceful Friday night prayer vigil attended by tens of thousands of
participants” last week. Notice the difference in numbers? Something
like 20-to-1.

And what of those hundreds? When I heard the story of the reporter
from ABC news, I went to its website to read it for myself. The
account is reprehensible, a disgrace to anyone who is Torah observant.
I was mortified, and scared to hit “play” on the accompanying video.
But I did, and was relieved to see that the video painted a different
picture. The Chareidim involved are not pushing, but being pushed.
They seem to be chanting more than screaming, “Shabbos, Shabbos.” No
one looks violent, and no one is throwing anything.

None of which is to say that screaming, cursing, spitting and throwing
rocks did not occur. Someone was hospitalized last week by a falling
rock, so clearly the rock was thrown. But: if that video is
representative of what occurred, it’s quite tame.

Similarly, I saw another photo, a picture of a photographer walking
past a crowd of Chareidim. The caption insisted he was being pushed. I
studied the picture carefully and my eyes insisted otherwise.

Bottom line: Chareidim are “run” by God’s Holy Torah. When they have
questions about the Torah they seek the counsel of scholars and
leaders. Those who violate the law and spirit of the Torah, and in so
doing shame the Chosen People are the exception and not the rule. The
media would like to believe, and would like everyone to believe, that
these exceptions are the rule. I hope the media will listen to the
voices of Torah Jews who speak clearly, emphatically and proudly about
what the Torah really demands from its adherents.

Will you?
To be forwarded and posted onto Jews With Views. Under: Continuation of the War on yerushalayim by the Israeli State.



Dacon.  Shalom ,

 My name is maurice i am on paltalk.   I hope you remember our chat . It was about your blog. Jews with Views. I would like to bring something rather important to your attention. It’s the topic regarding the demonstrations that will take place in Yerushalayim this shabbat.  


 I was wondering what your take on it was?  I notice on your blogroll you display a video of the Hatikvah’. which either means you support the state of Israel or the message of .’Hope.  can’t be both cause right now the state doesnt support the message of preservance or Hope..


 Some of us don’t recognise the flag or the hatikvah as representing the jewish peoples per say but are things which stand as the marker of representation for Eretz Israel       only which of course is an extention of us all as jewish before i continue i must say i am not belittling that representation.just the state.


  I would like to bring to your attention the importance of the demonstration this shabbat in Eretz Israel’. We must preserve the Kedusha of yerushalayim . Building 800 car parking lots, and shopping malls, in the middle of it is a chillul Hashem.

The state feels that pouring 15-20,000 people a day into yerushalayim on shabbat and all other days is a sufficiant way to raise money for the state.   To ultimately turn Yerushalayim into a Goyishe tourist spot.bringing in all kinds of unwanted actions in yeushalayim. this would create a pandemonium of messianics trying to get closer to Jezzer.(y’s). Among many other apikorsims.


How do you feel about the state developing Yerushalayim into a major tourist place with 800 parking stalls and shopping malls?  do you beleive at least in Yerushalayim kedusha should be preserved at all costs?  think about the effect this situation would cause overall.  


Right now we are experiencing a war between the state of Israel and the heredim who want to preserve that kedusha at all costs to them , I pointed out the Hatikvah on your site because it’s an oxymoron to how the state runs it’s agendas for the peoples whom live there. Yerushalayim’ May not have much Hope left.


 Whats your take on the secular zionist state trying to oust the heredim who live there and keep it holy versus turning Yerushalayim into another Tel Aviv. ?    

  Kol od balevav p’nimah.  Nefesh yehudi homiyah . olfa’a tey. mizrach. kadimah ayin l’tzion tzofiyah od lo avdah tikvatenu hatikvah bat shnot alpayim l’hiyot am chofshi b’artzenu eretz tzion v’ yerushalayim.


Doesnt mean anything to the secular state of Israel.  Hope is lost already in this situation. If support isnt emminent and strong against this insane attack against Yerushalayim and the heredim.  


                      I wish   i had enough Daas Torah that i could be so sensative to understand what ahavas Israel really’ is!.           

  The Rambam says,” if on shabbat you have a guest and fail to walk them back to their house it is as if you have murdered them. Why is this? As best i understand it’s because when we fail to escort them we have reminded our guests that they are a guest and not a member of our family.


 It says to them that my house is not ‘their’ house , we have reminded them that they were a guest and not a member of our family . But we know that if we have a guest they are supposed to eat the best food, and sit in the best seat in the house.


This is what Hashem wants for us., for us to love one another, to treat our fellow jew as family . He wants us to practice Ahavas Hashem, which is actualized through Ahavas Israel which manifests itself in Hachnasas orchim. Which is rooted in shalom bayis.


  Even Balaam understood this when he said ,”How goodly are your tents, Ya’akov, your tents Yisra’el!! (Bamidbar 24:5) i stated the above because the seculars who are running the state are expressing how we need to share yerushalayim and bring thousands of who knows who they are into yerushalayim right onto our shabbat tables, and use qoutes from the Rambam to support their attacks against us..


Do you think this is what the Rambam meant when he quoted what i posted?..

let me know what your take is. not my idea of Tikkun Olam!. no Apokorism. 





Jerusalem should not be turned into a tourist destination by the Leftist Secular.

Take back the Temple Mount now and force the issue





the Israeli citizens have no idea what the significance of Israel is about.



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  • 1 Avi // Jun 26, 2009 at 1:57 pm


    Jerusalem should not be turned into a tourist destination by the Leftist Secular.

    Take back the Temple Mount now and force the issue



  • 2 DEBORAH // Jul 29, 2009 at 7:29 am

    Maurice..I wanted to sincerely Thank you for these recent postings, I am a recent UCLA Grad and dilligent Torah student who enjoy learning , studying, understanding,applying and spreading it ( should i mention i do have a modern lighter side) lol…As a woman who is also interested in historical detail…i enjoy your writtings, and encourage you to continue…Thank you for your time…

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