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Sad to say that gimpel and tovia have not responded after jeremys first “”justification”" which he called an apology:

September 17th, 2009 · No Comments

This is sad because tovia KNOWS THE TRUTH and failed. This is sad because jeremy doest care about truth, its his truth or no truth, in my opinion through his arrogance he believes  he is right and no oe else is right. Even after I proved he is wrong and a dangerous transgression he will face in the heavens for mocking JEWS AND THOSE RABBIS in the face of goyeem, non Jews and insulting those goyeem also.This is sad because of the non  jews and Jews they are misleading……..After Rosh HaShana my future commentary on jeremy and tovia will continue, on a page dedicated to them which is on the left side of this screen. A few people I know that donate on occasion to Arutz Sheva have now stopped because A7 has completely lost its course, its derech, towards Torah. I pray tovia  will find himself again.

THIS IS A SAD DAY BUT AS A RABBI OF MINE ONCE  TAUGHT ME ”  Do not judge the ONE GD OF  ISRAEL AND HIS TORAH BY THE PEOPLE THAT  SUPPOSEDLY PRACTICE IT” .  THE G’D OF ISRAEL , ‘HIS’ TORAH’ AND ‘HIS’ LAND ISRAEL, HA ARETZ IS PERFECT. WE PEOPLE ARE NOT. TORAH TEACHES  US TO FIND A RABBI AND LEARN FROM HIM.  A reformed deformed conservative modern orthodox are NOT RABBIS BUT HERETICS…ALTERING MODERNIZING ADJUSTING  GDS WORDS WHICH ARE FORBIDDEN to do so.  Individuals may not hold to very law because of laziness, or not wanting or not caring for that law or not educated .Many admit this weakness and try later to pick up from where they left off. Hashem judges according to our efforts. BUT TO LIE AND SAY TORAH NEEDS FIXING , TO CHANGE A LETTER , IS WHAT JEUS DID AND IS EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN.

I WISH EVERYONE A HEALTHY HAPPY LIFE NOT JUST A YEAR. REMEMBER, REPENTING CAN BE DONE ANY MINUTE ANY DAY, YOU DONT HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR …Although this is the best most powerful time to pray to be remorseful and correct yourself. We all struggle everyday and we fall and we get up and we fall and we try again and is a constant struggle,,a constant  test.



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