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news from Deborahs cousin.Deborah healing, refuah shelamah:::: her friend,Baruch Dayam Emet,may she rest in peace, 22 yrs on earth, now in heaven

January 9th, 2010 · 1 Comment

HHDavid shabbat Shalom my brutha from another mutha.
I spoke to Debb on Thurs.Jan.7th.
Debb herself physically is A-ok she has a broken arm and heavy body bruises.
The girl who was driving the vehicle passed on, 10 days after the accident from complications relating to the accident, combined with; the fact she was a delicate kid from birth.They had the funeral. Debb was pretty broken up about it, When I spoke with her. Debb did say the other girls were also physically ok and are currently healing with a few broken pipes.I was pretty surprised to hear this myself,I was under the impression all was well with all of the girls traveling in the vehicle. My wife has a tendency to tell me the minimal damage sometimes knowing these sort of situations are merciless on me half way across the world in Iraq. Our boots walk deep sometimes in our own tough shit.
I mentioned to Deborah that you are concerned about her and she had a few people wishing her Refuahs on Jews with views blogsite.She explained to me again in length what you meant to her and her and how you helped and taught her things contusive to her health and life. So again I have to thank you personally for that.
Debb told me “The Mishnah’ says that a person is required to make a blessing on bad news in the same way he/she does on good news . I told her I wasn’t following the roger out. I don’t get it.
Debb explained to me that, ‘Mishnah’ means that we are required to accept bad news with joy . with the very same joy that we feel upon hearing good news.
Debb assumed the shroud of shrapnel over here in Iraq left me time to study deep into the Mishnah.
She explained it another way,
 Debb told me,“I remembered the  joy I felt as I made teshuvah and made new friends who taught me Torah. people who I found with the common interest of embettering themselves through Torah and the understanding of what it means to live a lifestyle and develop the correct mindsets compatible to that. Debb told me how happy she was to meet these girls that were in the accident, who she considered a blessing from Hashem. She expressed a deep sadness for the girl who did pass on. and realized that the Mishnah
required her to overcome her grief and to reach  her the same level of joy she felt at the time she made teshuvah and met new friends. Debb said, The reason for this was to cause her to accept with both her heart and her mind that everything Hashem does is for the good. Nothing bad comes from the Supreme One.  she said,to reach this joy is not an exceptional act of piety, it is simply what the halacha requires.
She asked me a question I had no prepare for or could answer for her.
Debb asked,  What could I do to reach that state?”
? was all I had to offer.
I did mention to her that the greatest news in the world was that she and the rest of the girls who were injured in the vehicle were alive and on the heal,I told her to forget that would be something that would turn the situation into more of a tragedy.
I did tell her she needed to contact you and to go over and see in Jews with views all the trouble she started. Debb said she would do that .Talk about starting trouble, I got to go now and boot  to the ass- some fobbits  “It ain’t their fault,  they don’t know no bettah!”.
Jake Goldman CSM.
FOB Iraq.

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  • 1 DEBORAH // Jan 16, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    I have received all of your wishes of refuah shelaimah.
    I thank you ‘All from a special place in my heart…….
    Thank you.. for your shared and extended chesed.Your words were comforting and appreciated.
    I am currently doing well and is healing better everyday. All of your prayers proved wonderous, and Hashem have answered them.
    It is difficult for me to type that our Father in Heaven, Hashem, took …to the world of Truth…a very dear friend of mine……
    I have come to learn many great and important things in this experience. I would like to share with all who chose to read this……
    Iv’e learned that hidden are the ways of GD.
    I have realized that I have complete faith and what appears to myself as an unanswered riddle..I’ts much like the mystery of the entire world…will be solved for us in the future, when all will be made clear and we will ‘all see how it was for the best…..
    Isn’t this the real meaning of our kaddish prayer?
    May GD who is good . And does good give us the strength to bear all of our troubles with fortitude…
    Blessed is HE and blessed is HIS name…
    There is no need to describe these tragedies in detail. It is suffices for everyone to weight all the circumstances from your own vantage point. Some say are difficult, nonetheless, one who sees things plainly cannot help but notice magnificent daily providence.
    “All living things will gratefully acknowledge you” is recited at the end of the ‘modim prayer. We who have survived all that we have, must offer our unending praise. Our prayer is: ” Let this war be the last of all wars.May real lasting peace bring happiness to the world.May it be his last will that we will soon arrive at the time which the holy prophets envisioned, when all mankind experiences happiness and realizes life’s purpose. To conduct themselves in the image of GD. In peace and with integrity. May it be his will that he renew for us a good year, blessed with all of the blessings for a life of happiness, for us and for all Israel”
    Behold ! suffering is a lofty matter..
    The entire world to come is based upon it. Our rabbis teach us that;( arachin 16b.) that if a period of fourty days passes without a person having experienced suffering , his portion in the world to come becomes depleted.
    To my honorable friend and great supporter of the Torah , David C aka DACON9. And, all others who have posted their words on this blog, Jews with views. Especially , to all of our brave brothers and sisters who sacrifice more than most of us, who are serving all branches of the military in the United States , abroad…and in our Holy land of Eretz Israel…I want you to know I had you all especially in my mind and in my thoughts of bravery and sacrifice .. this letter I lament to you…………….
    The matter of Aveilus’ as i have understood to be, is one of empathy ( for the departed)..I also heard this from one of my Rabbis, if not for this reason, there would be no point in mourning’
    We are supposed to identify with the deceased dreadful predicament with the awesome and devastating judgement and reckoning that they are now experiencing. Our sages teach us in Arachim (17b) that if “GD wished to enter into judgement with Avraham , Yitchak, and, Yaakov., Not even they could stand before his reproof , How utterly terrifying…who could be deemed righteous before HIM in judgement?
    Therefore the children and close relatives of the deceased are instructed to continually think of HIM and HIS situation.In addition, they should bear in mind how HE is eagerly anticipating HIS children’s mitzvos, which are HIS only source of merit in HIS present state. HIS only source of relief from his dreadful situation. This is also the purpose of the kaddish prayer…….
    I understand it may be difficult to be consoled , when faced with tragedies and hard times., But, we have to take into account that tragedies are always something being conveyed from the heavens. We should always consider to take these things as happenstance These things always have a much deeper meaning..
    This reminds me of what is written in our Holy Torah.,
    That on the very day when the children of Aaron the kohen were to become kohenim…a fire came and consumed them. And , then GD said to Aaron, ” Do not leave your heads unshorn and do not rend your garments. the entire house of Israel shall wail over this conflageration”.(Lev.10:6).
    What’s important in this is: When GD forbid, a great tragedy must befall the entire Jewish Nation, in order to save the people.GD will take a singular sacrifice , thereby, rescuing the entire Jewish nation from major tragedy.The One Above’ choses the sacrifice from the best..
    It was the children of Aaron, in the time of ,’Bekarvasam Lifnei Hashem’. When they drew close to Hashem, in that moment, when a sacrifice can save the Jewish Nation…
    And ,Hashem said to Aaron,” The children do not deserve this tragedy, but the Jewish Nation does..and they must cry, and know., Aaron that your children are the sacrifice needed for the sake of the Jewish Nation,..
    At this point , ‘Vayidom Aharon ” and Aaron was personally consoled..
    To all the friends of my neshamah I dearly thank you..
    David C..< The Best……… Hearts to you.
    Rueben Jones- OPSEK/ Iraq.
    Syd Waters-Sgt. A. majors/ Iraq.
    Maurice Mann..
    Jake BigTank Goldman, CSM/ Iraq.
    Capt. Simon Katz U.S Navy.
    Levana Haza.
    Sarah Shai
    Avraham Kohen
    MIldred Burg-Mildred Burg thank you so much..what you did was amazing.
    Elijah Bateman-
    Jaime E
    Elisheva- Thank you so much for being a friend.. thank you for the letter..
    Lenny Abravanel
    Jewish Defense League (JDL) – JDL Thank you so much for your words, it meant a lot to me that you posted them.
    David Telushkin
    Cher Stein
    Ira Miller
    Avihu Medina
    Stan Sheraton
    mindy kohen- Mindy thank you so much the motherly love was appreciated..
    Steinman/ Hawaii..Thank You ..
    Moe- Thanks moe!..I bet you thought, I (me deb) must have thought ..whos moe??…no way, I consider you a friend just the
    Love Deborah……………………….

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