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MUSLIM or not, reformers will be attacked by the Jews everywhere


1) ”Any reformer, Muslim or not, will be attacked by the Jews. The Jews are like that. They thrive only on civil strife, on the selling of arms, on usury, on whorehouses” STORY AND VIDEO MEMRI TV

EDITORS COMMENT: and who is attacking cartoonist for drawing mohamed?
Every single attack in todays world is by muslims all around the globe,maybe 2o global terrorism campaigns.

2)The following video by MEMRI TV documents  the master revisionist in the arab world, even more then the above story. This man zahi hawwas said the Jews were ”NOT slaves and were paid for all the pyramids built in egypt.”

TORAH AND OUR SAGES taught us that  yes we Jews were paid in the very begining to entice all the JEWS to participate in  the building of pyramids then to capture and turn  the JEWS  into slaves. This man wants the arabs in ISRAEL to have a state and that state is ISRAEL knowing full well that those arabs in ISRAEL called palisitinians are actually ,originally egyptians and syrians . Egypt does not want the lower class animals into egypt nor does syria nor  jordan whose  population is a majority of them causing havoc,  crime and filth. MEMRI TV VIDEO AND STORY

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