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February 8th, 2010 · No Comments

So many times I write about woman going with non jewish  men for various reasons. This case is news to me. 2 children ripper from their jewish mother in Israel  and shipped to thir arab father who moved to france at first with the mother  then decided to stay in France after the mother returned to Israel.

This is not a judgement of the mothers reasons for leaving the arab father or a case study of Israeli law giving children to the non jewish father, an arab at that, but MORE A STUDY OF WHY  THE HECK DO YOU WOMAN GO WITH NON JEWISH MEN..DAM IT…WHY? I hear reasons…..This is a common one. Please sit down,fasten your seat belt.

Because the woman are lonely, possibly a broken home looking for a male figure in their life or just broke up with their boyfriend  or….want to have SEX and still maintain their image in the Jewish community in order to marry a Jewish man LATER on. BUT its so basic what will happen ”LATER ON”. The ignorant foolish sefish or lonely woman and weak of character, of that calibre will inevitably fall ”’in love”’ with the arab men in Israel with his sandles, camels chickens and all..have sex of course thats the reason, clean his house, and his parents house and his brothers house, get beaten up and then have his children…AND IT ALL STARTED BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO HAVE FUN AND SEX, they even fall for nice turn their other cheek xtians. Add on her low self esteem, most times lack of Torah knowledge,secular minds from her parents, no jewish education, and raising pigs in her mind. Meaning a non kosher environment of non restrictive loose living, loose clothing, sexual enuendos in advertising  and the opposite is also true…to much controlling, much to much restrictions without an understanding  and not advising with love and an understanding of her future and consequenses,,,, rewards and punishments in life.

LADIES REMEMBER: If you ‘go’  with a non Jew…
The top of the problem list is……. you are forbidden to any KOHAINE, PERIOD!

This is  the link to the article in full which is off the path I am bring to mind. Please READ IN FULL  then comment here by email:,OR clicking comments on right just below  \/

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