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Jewish chatroom

July 12th, 2009 · No Comments

july 17,2009

I do really understand the problem. Its ME!..My problem.
 Yes I have to admit it has be me. I will explain why.
 I associate with normal people in real life.

The Paltalk and Yahoo chat room people are beserk in their daily life.They gotta be lunatics, undercover lunatics. They can be obsessive compulsive, cleaning the cleaning bucket  to clean the garage floor from oil stains dripping from their leaky old  American built car, walking around with tooth picks after eating a  burger king cheese burger picking away and spitting on the floor the food they cant re chew like a cow . If you were to say ‘Hey  that’s not nice spitting like that’’ they would yell at you saying..’I can do what I like, it’s a free country buddy…who did you vote for buddy,,probably a republican,,right buddy?’’

 I think I clearly spelled out the difference between me and  them, don’t ya  think so?.
 I have to face it, there is a cultural difference, I have the culture and they don’t.
 Now let me tell you why I am entertaining you to read on.
 The real reason you are here is so I can tell you more truth…

But I’ll tell ya  later….lol



I  HAD JUST ENTERED  A JEWISH CHAT ROOM  about to listen to the usual rants. The room owner explaining to 18 or so people that its not only the arabs that want to take over Israel but the chirstians also. I entered and was greeted by the room owner speaking confusions out of  her emotional mouth of how she perceived what I said to her last month, claiming  I was cursing and abusive and I never gave her an apology. ( would an apology be accepted by any normal person if the supposed offender cursed and abused? nawwww. Those  are signs of a CONTROL FREAK more then a ”respectful ” person )  I entered in text that its not true, not a drop of it . On the mic she kept telling me that not only is she JEWISH BUT SHE IS ISRAELI and   THAT MAKES HER SUPERIOR OF MIND TO ALL OTHER JEWS, ETC, ETC, ETC and she said  her memory is like a recording machine.

My turn at the mic, I told the room she speaks from emotion not reason, she speaks from arrogance not respect.I never use or lets say hardly ever need to use vulgarity to express myself. I reminded her that I spoke of the ills of Israel such as prostitution and gangsterism and fake converts, fake jews , drugs, homosexuality parades on GDs land. Some one text message in  the room that unless I am an Israeli I cannot critisize Israel, which was an asinine comment . I said the world watch on human rights rated Israel down a notch from #2 to #3 this year because of a slight inprovement on the recognition and attempt to solve the slave trafficing in Israel.. I continued speaking , that YOU ISRAELIS IN  THIS ROOM ARE THE EVILS OF ISRAEL.YOU HAVE SEPARATED THE STATE FROM TORAH, YOU HAVE MADE IT A STATE OF PERVERSION  AND NOT A NATION OF GD  AND YOU HERE IN THIS ROOM ARE THE SINS, AND THAT YOU MAY WELL BE THE ONES PURGED BEFORE MASHIACH  ARRIVES, AS ALL THE PROPHETS TOLD US,  BECAUSE OF *YOUR SINS UNLESS YOU REPENT , MAKE TESHUVAH. IF YOU  ISRAELIS  REFUSE TO  SEE YOUR ILLS  HOW CAN YOU SEPARATE THE GOOD  TO IMPROVE YORSELF. I then said you are not happy with me because I put truth back into this room and your life.. and so …adios.


whats your opinion?

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