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JEW TO arab. we receive your pain, we wait for Hashem to met ‘HIS JUSTICE’, measure for measure, we wait and you will receive

March 31st, 2011 · 1 Comment

URGENT: Please pray for Odelia Nechama bat Michal, a high school student seriously injured in Jerusalem’s bomb attack last week, who was recently moved to a respirator.


Machon Meir Interviews Bereaved Father of Ruth Fogel z”l



Your people

Your proud, arrogant people

whose pyramided history

was built on my people’s back

whose teachers deny my people’s roots here

whose school maps have gouged holes

in my right to exist

whose children learn early on

that mine are dogs and infidels

worth only of a left hand handshake

whose blood that flows with oil blackmails the world

whose sheiks’ opulence starve their own

whose oppression of women is justified by Allah 

whose suicide bombers kill indiscriminately

Jews, man, woman and child

whose stranglehold on their own by hate mongering

against mine is their Gd given right

whose final solution is to see my people

drowning in the dead sea

you are from the wildness never to be refined

your hand on everything without care or worry

you believe Gd serves you

going foward in your wildness into obliteration

whose final solution is to see my people in the sea

but as history has shown the world
you will ultimately drown
by your own curses
edited and expanded by this editor



Parashat Tazria – Friday 1st April 2011  7:01 pm Candle lighting
 Tzara’at and Lashon Ha’rah.
Chazal say that Tzara’at was a punishment meted out to those who had spoken spitefully of their fellow man. (For instance, it was with Tzara’at that Miriam was stricken after she spoke ill of Moshe.)

 Lashon Ha’rah (saying gossip, slander and negative things about others), then, is considered a most heinous crime.
 One who speaks Lashon Ha’rah by another person is, say Chazal, burdened with the other person’s sins.
This may seem to be an unfair punishment for an apparently minor misdeed. After all, making a nasty comment about someone seems much less damaging then physically assaulting them.
 Yet, this is not necessarily true.
Granted, one who has just been hurt feels a definite pain, but often the pain subsides in a short while.
 The disparaging remark, on the other hand, can linger on to haunt the victim for years.
Lashon Ha’rah can be compared to one opening a bag of feathers.
Even if one wanted to re-gather them one cannot, for they have been spread over by the wind.


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