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In the year 829 Epistles of St. Agobard, Archbishop of Lyon, “proved” Jews were born slaves,

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I had promised in my last comments to your website to list documented historical events that prove that the church has tortured and butcherd our people and has nver been an institution for peace. I present the following documented historical evidence.
In the year 829 Epistles of St. Agobard, Archbishop of Lyon, “proved” the Jews were born slaves, were stealing Xtian children and selling them to arabs, are accursed by G-d and should be disregarded by all Xtians.
In the year 855 when Louis II, the son of Lothaire, became ruler of Italy he decreed that all Jews must leave the country.
In the year 855 the successive bishops of Beziers in sermons during Easter season encouraged the towns people to stone the Jews in revenge for their crucifying JeSs, a tradition that has lasted for centuries.
The Counts of Toulouse had the priviledge of publicly boxing the ears of the president of the Jewish community every year on Good Friday. Once the ritual was carried out with such zeal that the president dies as a result. Another easter custom that survives until the present was developed in Catalonia. Special hammers are distributed to the Congregation on Maundy Thursday and at the end of the services the priest gives a sign and those present beat the hammers to signify killing the Jews.
In the year 897 Charles the Simple gave all lands and vineyards owned by Jews without compensation in the Dutchy of Narbonne to the church.
In the year 945 the Senate of Venice issued a decree forbidding sea captains from taking Jews on board.
In the year 981 Otto II Emperor of Germany, gave the Jews of Merseburg to the bishop as a present.
In the year 1096 from January until July 10,000 Jews were massacred in Northern France and Germany which was one quarter of the Jewish population of that time.
In the year 1096 Count Emich of Leisinger, Germany gathered a large force to terrorize the Jews. He marched to Worms and buthchered 500 Jews there. Then he marched to mainz and in two days of slaughter killed 1,000 Jews in the town. Then he marched to the Rhenish valley and slaughtered 12,000 Jews there.
In the year 1147 based on a rumor that the Jews murdered a Xtian all the Jews were burned on the ritual murder charge.
In the year 1171 a ritual murder charge was brought against the Jews of Blois, France. Count Theobald of Chartes commanded all Jews of Blois thrown in prison. After trail by water the entire community was burned alive at the stake. 34 men and 17 women were burned.
In the year 1181 Philip Augustus of France ordered all jews living on the estates of the crown imprisoned on ritual murder charges. they were ransomed for 1,500 marks of silver, a case of simple extortion.
In the year 1205 pope Innocent III censured King Philip for being too lenient with the Jews abd threatened King Alfonso of Castille with excommunication if he continued to treat the Jews leniently.
In the year 1208 Pope Innocent III wrote in a letter to Count Nervers, “The Jews are doomed to wander about the earth as fugitives and vagabonds, and their faces must be covered in shame. They are never to be protected by any xtian princes.
In the year 1231 Pope Gregory IX officially established the inquisition under papal authority.
In the year 1233 pope Gregory IX complained to the bishops of Germany that the Jews in Germany were living too well. g-d had condemned them to utter wretchrdness. He rebuked the overfriendly relations between xtians and Jews and forbade all conversation between them.
In the year 1236 Crusaders killed over 3,000 Jews in sveral towns in France including children, pregnant women were brutally murdered. Many were simply trampled to death by horses.
In the year 1262 and again in 1264anti-Jewish riots broke out in London. The Jewish quarter of London including the synagogues were looted and sacked.

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