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IDF to Southern Israel: ‘Get Ready for Action’ the war may break open shortly

January 7th, 2010 · No Comments

The Israel Air Force dropped two different types of flyers in Gaza Thursday morning, warning local residents not to approach the security barrier and not to enter the smuggling tunnels. One of the flyers featured a map which showed residents exactly where not to go, and a specific warning that anyone who came within 300 meters of the security barrier would do so at his own peril. FULL STORY

The reason I tagged this ”Parasha and Religion” is because precisely that.. Our prophets said this will happen. The arabs will become mighty and unite for a short time, then it will reverse on them..then they will ask the children of esauv for help and the european powers will join in war against Israel and America is described  as not balanced on a scale as simply as the europeans. THEN THE REALIZATION THAT SOMETHING  SUPERNATURAL IS HAPPENING HERE…Then  FEW rightous of the world will say to the Jews, ‘TAKE ME TO YOUR GD, TO THE MOUNTAIN OF ZION ISRAEL , YOUR GD IS THE ONLY TRUE GD’…. and then THE  HEAVENLY ANNOUNCEMENT, THEN IT WILL HAPPEN. the same as at Mt Sinai, all the world will know something is happening and will feel see and ‘know’ that the JEWS ARE GDS SPECIAL NATION… AND THOSE THAT REPENT ACCORDING TO THE 7 NOAHIDE LAWS WILL HAVE A SHARE IN THE NEXT WORLD AND WILL BE SAVED..AND THOSE THAT DENY ANYTHING ..WILL BE PERISH…

Soon, Very soon…so far everything the prophets unfolding…right now… I pity the JEWS especially those that do not heed this warning, especially the Jews..I am not so concerned with the goyim, the non Jews, they know what to do …’woe is they that curse the nation of ISRAEL”


UPDATE:Earlier Thursday, the IAF dropped thousands of flyers along the Gaza border, which according the Palestinians carried a warning not to come within 300 yards of the border fence. This was the first time the Air Force dropped such flyers since May 2009.

The strike followed a day of shelling on southern Israel: Around 7:45am three mortar shell fired from northern Gaza landed near the Kerem Shalom crossing, with a fourth landing on its Palestinian side. A fifth mortar shell landed in Eshkol Regional Council limits.

 Several hours later, a second salvo was fired at the western Negev, as Eshkol was hit by two more mortars. No injuries were reported.


Scarves for IDF Soldiers campaign announced

 Standing Together launches new project encouraging people worldwide to knit scarves to send to IDF troops this winter.  FULL STORY

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