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March 27th, 2012 · No Comments

I am in a rut, in a standstill , I am in recovery from so many people in these chat rooms where I get much insight to peoples minds. This week as Jews approach a very holy time period when THE ‘ONE GD’ of everything said ‘I AM YOUR GD WHO HAS TAKEN YOU OUT OF EGYPT” and the many chat room JEWS go against all that TORAH teaches. Not to intermarry, not to mix with the multitudes, then these same jews who do that then wonder why they are not feeling whole and complete and their family has drifted apart and their children married buddists and b’hais and not JEWS. HOW CAN THE EXPECT, AND  THEY DO EXPECT  THEIR CHILDREN TO MARRY JEWS WHEN THEY THE PARENTS THEMSELFS MARRIED XTIANS AND MUSLIMS AND B’AHINS AND ZULU WARRIORS.
Then when I mention anything to that issue OF SIN because of what they do, these so called JEWS  give me this mantra that I am wrong , ‘who made me god, I dont have a right to judge, a JEW is a jew’ and so many more of this nonsense. I AM NOT JUDGING,I AM JUST EXPLAINING, JUST CONVEYING GDs MESSAGE , ACCORDING TO  THE TORAH LAWS. That is to separate from those that seduce away from TORAH, to separate from those that removed themselfs from the community, to separate from those that married other nations , to separate from those that accepted gods of OTHERS.I never said be rude, i have always said be cordial, but do not be stepped on and remember  the listeners who should hear the truth or TORAH. I AM NOT JUDGING, I explaining and I AM JUST STATING FACTS.
The xtians that can lie, outright lie about TORAH AND OUR PROPHETS and I correct them and they  CONDEMN ME They are all self proclaimed experts on JUDAISM and those JEWS WHO HASNT STEPPED FOOT IN A YESHIVA and actually do not know anything of Judaism and of course no need to mention the xtians who know less can condemn me with their egotistical and fictious and vicious arguments for their own agendas which many times pertaining to the xtians protecting defending the who  jews married non jews. They prey on the unsuspecting and  those who have no knowledge buy their lies because they speak with foriegn accents and sound so sophisticated and they out number me so people tend to belief the evil snake who told Eve to eat the apple because the snake spoke  sweetly and deceptively to manipulate the listeners who are unlearned to spot a seducer. In addition these people permit what is not permitted. Its easier to follow people who do not want  bounderies or restictions , so they follow the easy path of deceptions.
What is GD has  forbidden is what makes us separate from the  others who have  for thousands of years attempted to destroy our belief and  our culture since MOSES.  WE ARE SPECIAL, AND ITS THE RESTRICTIONS THAT SANCTIFYS US AND SEPARATES US FROM THE IMPURITIES OF THIS WORLD THAT CONNECTS US TO THE ‘ONE GD’.
Therefore this week I need to FOCUS more on the wellsprings of holiness of the laws of this coming miraculous season of passover. These laws are derived from the many miracles HASHEM has performed for us. WE ARE STILL HERE.
The following will be commentary from various Rabbis and Yeshivot and our hebrew sages. I will add to this for PESACH:

Jewish Survival Greatest Miracle in History

South Africa’s Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein: Jewish survival in the sweep of history is a greater miracle than the sea splitting
By Arutz sheva  Staff
South Africa’s Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein’s message for Passover is that Jewish survival is the greatest open miracle in history.
“To see the Jewish people alive and well and thriving is to witness a greater miracle than even the splitting of the sea,” Rabbi Goldstein said, quoting Torah luminary Rabbi Yaakov Emden.
“In our lifetimes, we have witnessed some of the most remarkable miracles of Jewish history,” the Rabbi said. “After the devastation of the holocaust, when a rational observer could have said, ‘that is a death blow for the Jewish people. They’re finished. What sort of future can there be?’”
“Yet within three years of that, Jewish sovereignty is established in the land of Israel. In 1948, on a tiny strip of land, six hundred thousand Jews joined by millions of holocaust survivors had to ward off ferocious attacks by enemies on all sides – and did so in one military victory after another.
“With great miracles and signs and wonders… The reunification of Jerusalem, the recapture of the Temple Mount. And in the midst of all of these military dangers, absorbing millions of immigrants from all over the world… from Russia, from Ethiopia.
“Building a thriving economy… becoming leaders in technology and medicine – and all fields of human endeavor,” Rabbi Goldstein proclaims, “What a remarkable divine miracle from Hashem before our very eyes!”
But the rabbi was notcontent to stop there, saying, “The other open miracle of our times is the rebirth of Torah learning.”
“The Holocaust destroyed everything – all of the great yeshivas of Europe…the Hassidic dynasties. Everything was laid waste. What chance was there for Torah learning to revive itself and come back to the world?
“And yet we see the most remarkable rebirth of Torah learning right across the world,” Rabbi Golstein said.

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