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September 11th, 2009 · No Comments

TORAH THOUGHTS : Parshat Nitzavim begins with, “Atem
nitzavim hayom, You, the Jewish people
are standing before Hashem.” Rashi writes
that the Jewish nation renewed their
commitment to the Torah by making a
special covenant with Hashem WHY WAS THIS COVENANT NEEDED NOW??????? To answer this,
Rashi asks another question. What is the
connection between the parshiyot of Ki
Tavo and Nitzavim? He explains that after
the Jews heard the 98 curses they recoiled
in fear. Therefore, Moshe immediately
comforted them by reminding them, “You
have sinned in the past and yet, “Atem
nitzavim,” you are still standing.
The Shem MiShmuel explains this idea
further. In Parshat Vayeilech, we read how
the Jewish people will sin and suffering will
come upon them. They will say, “Ein Elokai
b’kirbi. Hashem has left us.” Hashem will
then say, “V’anochi haster astir panei, I will
hide my face.” The Shem Mishmuel emphasizes
that the most fundamental reason that
leads a person to sin is “Ein Elokai,” he
forgets that Hashem is constantly before
SPIRITUAL AMNESIA……………………………………….

Mishnah offers her insight and advice  in life and Torah to all through the comment section on her page 8

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