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ISAIAH 53, Flatbush Brooklyn is being flooded with jews4jexx books in the mail.

December 11th, 2010 · 1 Comment

A observant Torah Orthodox Jew received a book 6 months ago disguised as a free hebrew book called ‘ They Thought For Themselves’ , looking innocent offering hebrew legitiment quotes to trap the unsuspecting and unlearned JEW into reading that deception filth introducing jezueses.This month the  jew4jxuses is targeting  the ashkanaz commuity as he received the book again as did  his whole building .
The entire sephardic community in Brooklyn received the same book awhile back and now again this week the jews4jxesues is attacking the Jewish neighborhood with this smut, this swine, this filth, using deceptions again. The jews4jxueses opened up a 2nd building in Flatbush area very close to the Chabad.This filthy xtian missionary group calling themselvs jew4jeusexs puts hebrew writings and dedications with Jewish names all over the building to again deceive the JEWISH people to think it is a normal ORTHODOX TORAH SHUL. This is the way of xtians or christians (spelled for google to pick up and desiminate this with the google computerization distributions to let the xtians know..we will be JEWS FOREVER AND EVER and the xtian gods are dead.kaput.hung died dried and buried.)
A local Rabbi has a dialer recording to the neighborhood jews advising them NOT TO OPEN SUCH EVIL THINGS AND IMMEDIATELY THROW IT IN THE GARBAGE AND I ADD NOT TO

and now to continue with


 I felt compelled to write the following authentic Jewish commentary on chapter 53 of Isaiah because of the recent flood of missionary propaganda that has proliferated our communities which have used Isaiah 53 as their proof that their man-god is referred to by Isaiah. For centuries the Christians have twisted the Biblical verses to suit their needs. Unfortunately, the Church has been able to easily deceive the masses because most of their followers and the ignorant Jews have no knowledge of Hebrew. This makes it very easy to deceive and intentionally twist the meanings of Biblical verses.

The holy Jewish prophet Isaiah makes no mention of the Christian man-god. The Christians have transposed all of the pronouns used in the verses of Isaiah 53 to refer to their man-god. There is no basis to do so and it does not conform to the actual Hebrew Biblical text nor does their interpretation fit into the context of the previous chapter from which chapter 53 flows. Isaiah’s prophecy was delivered 500 years before their man-god died. Isaiah, as all the prophets called upon the Jews to follow the Torah.

The Christian god never kept the torah as is evidenced by the testimony of his disciples. The Torah tells us that G-d has no body. How can an all powerful god be killed? The story of the Christian god resembles Greek mythology more than the actual truth. There are so many contradictions and outright errors written in the Christian Bible. To mention all of the errors, contradictions, falsehoods, etc. is beyond the scope of this article. There are many books written that point out these problems. To dispel the assertion of the manipulative and deceitful missionaries I have come to give the proper interpretation of Isaiah 53 according to the authentic Jewish Hebrew text and to the authentic Jewish sages who have been always true to the correct interpretation of the Jewish Bible.

This entire chapter refers to the song of the Nations upon Israel’s Redemption

Isaiah 53

53:1 – Who would believe what we (the nations) heard, and upon whom was G-d’s hand revealed (Israel)?

Commentary –

Who would believe – Throughout the exile, no one would have believed that the Jews would ever return to greatness. Indeed, because of this disbelief, the Christians and Muslins have tried to interpret this chapter as not referring to the Jewish People. The descendants of these men who are of other faiths will be shocked at how their forefathers mislead them. What we heard – The news of the Jewish redemption. Upon Whom was G-d’s hand revealed – This phrase is meant to scorn those nations who had expected G-d’s hand to be revealed to them, but in the end, it will be revealed to the “lowly” Jewish people.

53:2 – He (the Jews) grew before G-d like a nursing infant, and like a root in dry land, without form or beauty. We saw him (the Jews) without appearance and we desired him.

Commentary –

A nursing infant – This means that at the time of the redemption the Jewish People will appear fresh and new, as if they were just born, like a newborn infant. Their ancient roots and long history of suffering will not be evident upon them. Today, the Jews in Israel are considered a young nation despite their ancient history. Like a root in a dry land – Their sudden growth will be as amazing as the growth of a plant in the desert. This came about suddenly after World War Two at the birth of the State of Israel. Without form or beauty – Even after the redemption, the nations will perceive the Jewish People as lacking all the things that they consider beautiful. Thus this verse is warning the nations not to assess human greatness by standards of superficial beauty. We saw him without appearance, and we desired him – The nations will argue at the time of the revelation of Israel’s greatness that in the past they could not accept the Jewish people as being G-d’s chosen ones because in the past they never saw anything special in them. But after the redemption the nations will be able to perceive Israel’s greatness and the nations will desire it.

53:3 – (Israel was) despised, lacking manliness, a man (the Jews) of suffering, tormented with illness, as if He (G-d) had hidden His face from him (Israel), despised (by the nations), and we (the nations) did not value him.

Commentary –

Despised – The materialistic nations considered the Jewish people to have lacked any value and therefore they despised the Jews. Lacking manliness – The materialistic nations thought that the Jews lacked any form of true manliness because the Jews, who are servants of G-d did not have any ambition for any material accomplishments. For example the Jews were not interested in hunting, war, drinking liquor, entertainment, or sports. Man of suffering – Since G-d’s servants will devote their lives to studying His Torah even beyond their physical and material capabilities, they will develop physical ailments. This is written in the singular form, since only individual Jews will live like this. The Jewish Messiah will be one of them. As if He had concealed His face from him – The impression that the nations will have is that G-d has concealed Himself from the Jews. The nations reason that if G-d were with the Jews why do they look so awful. The nations tortured and impoverished the Jews so that they looked repulsive. Despised – This word is repeated to stress the great scorn and hatred the Jews will suffer from the hands of the nations. The Church through the centuries and the Nazis spread anti-Semitic propaganda against the Jews which depicted the Jews as the most vile of all creatures. We did not value him – The reason why the nations did not value Israel is because the nations do not place any value on spiritual pursuits. The nations respect war heroes, sports heroes, movie stars etc.

53:4 – However, he (Israel) bore our (the nations) illness and suffered our pain. Yet we (the nations) considered him a failure, smitten by G-d and tortured
Commentary –

He bore our illness and suffered our pain – The mission of the Jewish People was to serve as guides and teachers for the nations, but since they did not live up to their roles and as a result the nations remained decadent, the Jews were blamed and punished for the nation’s poor conduct. This verse also refers to the fact the nations afflicted the Jews and made them ill. We considered him – The nation’s mistaken and poor perception of the Jews is repeated in these verses, so that the nations not try to justify themselves. A failure – Such scorn has been heaped upon the Jews since the rise of Christianity and Islam. While Christian and Islamic scholars may distort the meaning of these verses, in the future the nations will all be astonished by the dramatic turn of events upon the advent of the Jewish Redemption. Smitten by G-d and tortured – The nations argue that the Jews deserve their suffering. It is interesting to note that this prophecy was fulfilled so precisely, yet the Christians have distorted and misinterpreted this verse so recklessly.

53:5 – He (the Jewish Messiah) is desecrated because of our sins (the sins of the nations and the sinful Jews), crushed by our transgressions (and this is why the Jewish Messiah’s coming is delayed). The (Jewish) suffering for our (the nations) peace is his (in the merit of the Jews), and we (the nations) are healed by his (the Jew’s) wounds.

Commentary –

Desecrated because our sins – This verse refers to the desecration of the honor and holiness of Jews by the nations. Because the nations are profane and materialistic they desecrate the sanctity of the Jewish People by luring Jews to pursue their materialistic illusions and ways and this in turn desecrates the Messiah’s holiness. Our sins – This refers to the nations’ sins against the Jews which includes all of the various decrees the nations made against the Jewish faith throughout the millennia. Crushed – Refers to the spirit. By our transgressions – This verse means that G-d is ready to send the Messiah immediately however it is our sins that delay his coming. The suffering for our peace – Since the nations were not given the Torah they cannot be held totally responsible for their bad conduct. Therefore, since the Jews did receive the Torah the Jews are held responsible for the existence of evil in the world, and are punished for it before anyone else. The peace that will come to the world in the Messianic age will be only in the merit of Jewish suffering. We are healed – The world exists only in the merit for those who study the Torah and fulfill it. The Jews are pushed to fulfill G-d’s commandments by their wounds and suffering. Thus this verse is saying that it is the Jewish People’s suffering is what brings healing to the world.

The Nations’ Confession

53:6 – We (the nations) all have strayed like sheep, each of us (the nations) turning to his own way (acting selfishly). But G-d meted out on him (the Jews) all of our (the nations’) sins.

Commentary –

We all strayed like sheep – During the Messianic era the nations of the world will admit their mistake, as if they were sheep without a shepherd. Each of us turning his own way – The nations did not do what was best for mankind as a whole. Each nation and individual gentile did what was best for its own selfish interests. But G-d meted out on him – The Jews were punished for not rectifying the world.

Isaiah’s Assessment of How the Nations Treated the Jews

53:7 – He (the Jews) was oppressed and tortured, but he (the Jews) does not open his mouth, as if he (the Jews) was led to the slaughter, a sheep dumb before shearers (when the Jews were robbed by the nations) – he (the Jews) does not open his mouth (not even to complain to G-d).

Commentary –

He was oppressed – The nations were not properly able to assess the Jews as being G-d’s chosen people. This is why the nations tortured the Jews and most of the Jews accepted this suffering in silence. Oppressed and tortured – The Hebrew word for oppressed refers to ridicule, oppressive taxation, and other forms of discriminatory oppression. The word torture refers specifically to bodily torture. This verse refers to the time period throughout the Exile after the destruction of the Temple. He does not open his mouth – The Jews did not respond to their ridicule, knowing that the nations would not understand their responses. The Jews did not resist their physical torture, knowing that this was G-d’s Will. As if he was a lamb – The Jews were almost powerless under the control of the nations as a lamb. A sheep dumb before its shearers – This phrase refers to confiscation of Jewish property, which happened countless times throughout the Exile. Dumb – The Jews were silent because they accepted their suffering as G-d’s Will and because the Jews were so tortured that they lost their ability to properly respond to the nations. He does not open his mouth – The Jews not only did not respond to the nations, but they also did not complain to G-d.

53:8 – He (the Jews) was taken from imprisonment and judgment (by gentile judges and rulers) – who can tell this to his generation? For he (Jews) was cut off from the land of the living (and exiled) – the sins of my (Isaiah’s) people caused him (the Jews) this affliction.

Commentary –

He was taken from imprisonment and judgment – The nations who oppressed the Jews were not only the lawless masses, but the judges and rulers. This is a pathetic allusion to the mock accusations and trails that were conducted against the Jews throughout the ages in exile i.e. the inquisition. Who can tell this to his generation – Who could adequately describe all of the suffering of the Jews throughout their long and bitter Exile? He was cut off from the land of the living – This refers to both having been exiled from the land of Israel which is referred to in Psalms as “the land of the living” and this also refers to the fact that the Jews were often banished from one land to another. The sins of my people caused him this affliction – The prophet Isaiah bemoans his people’s suffering.

53:9 – He (the Jews) accepted his burial among the wicked (nations), and his (the Jews) death among the wealthy (nations), though he (the Jews) did not do any violence and spoke no falsehood (the Jews did not deny G-d even under torture).

Commentary –

He accepted his burial among the wicked – The Jews accepted death and burial in the hands of gentiles rather than deny G-d. His burial – The nations will eventually acknowledge the evil they did not only to the living but to the dead – by not giving them a proper burial or respect. This verse is written in the singular to urge every individual Jew to accept this. His death – This word is in the plural which refers to the many types of death that the Jews suffered by the hands of the Church, Islam, and the Nazis. Among the wealthy – The gentiles were already wealthy and therefore had no justification to rob and loot the Jews throughout the Exile. Though he had done no violence – There were certainly a few individual Jews who were thieves but nothing the Jews did as a whole had justified the nations’ from punishing them as a community. Spoken no falsehood – Although there were individual Jews who were willing to deny their faith in order to save their lives, but as a whole the majority of Jews chose death rather than living such a lie as to accept Christianity or Islam.

The Jewish Suffering as a Means to Attain Spiritual Greatness

53:10 – But G-d chose to crush him (the Jews) and make him ill. Yet even if his (the Jews) soul is assumed guilty (by the gentiles), he (the Jews) will have offspring living long life, and G-d’s cause will prosper in his hand (and the Jews will complete their mission).

Commentary –

G-d chose to crush him – Isaiah answers the question why G-d allows the Jews to suffer so greatly. This is G-d’s way to make sure that the Jews stay on the right path. When a person accepts his suffering as coming from G-d, he is elevated to higher spiritual levels and becomes closer to G-d. His soul is assumed guilty – Even if the gentiles accuse the Jews falsely and torture them for it G-d promises that the Jews will be given the strength to endure it. Have offspring – The Jews are promised that despite their inhuman torture by the nations their offspring will endure so that each generation will pick up from where the previous one’s left off. This was especially evident after the Holocaust where the Jews were able to rebuild their shattered lives both in Israel and the rest of the world. G-d’s cause will prosper in his hand – The Jewish People will succeed in their mission to serve G-d and spread G-d’s teachings despite all their difficulties.

53:11 – He (the Jews) will see (blessing) from his efforts (against their many obstacles) and be satisfied (with spiritual bliss). With his knowledge, (of the Torah) My righteous servant (the Jews) will make many righteous, and he will bear their sins (of the gentiles and rectify them).

Commentary –

From his efforts – The Jews will be able to overcome all obstacles. However, a great effort will be needed to accomplish their mission. Be satisfied – Most people are never satisfied in this world, but the righteous Jews will be because of their service to G-d. With his knowledge – The wisdom derived from the Torah which is the word of G-d. Make many righteous – The innocent Jews will be even vindicated in court in the Messianic era. He will bear their sins – The Jews will bear the sins of gentiles and try to rectify them.

53:12 – Therefore, I (G-d) will give him (the Jews) a portion with many, and he (the Jews) will receive a portion among the mighty (their ancestors), since he (the Jews) exposed himself to death (to die for G-d) and was counted among the sinners (the gentiles considered the Jews to be evil). He (the Jews) bore the sins of many (the gentiles) and prayed on behalf of sinners (the gentiles).

Commentary –

I will give him a portion – After the Jews will do all they can on their own to rectify the world, G-d will grant them further powers to achieve even greater things. Among the mighty – Although the Jews are weak, they will achieve great things, like their ancestors did. Exposed himself to death – The Jews were willing to die for G-d. Was counted among the sinners – No one wants to be considered a sinner. However, the Jews were called sinners by the gentiles, especially by the Church and the Jews accepted this untrue label in order to be able to accomplish their mission. He bore the sins of many – The Patriarchs prayed on the behalf of many. This verse is written in the past tense which is why this verse refers to the Patriarchs. Prayed on behalf of the sinners – This phrase is written in the future tense, teaching that the Jews are expected to always behave in this manner and pray for the gentiles. For example, on the high holidays the Jews pray for the benefit of all mankind.


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  • 1 Ben // Dec 15, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    B’nei Yisrael!!!!
    Listen to what the editor has to say on this subject..
    It is vital we understand and learn how to combat this issue. Very serious repercussions come out of this blatant attempt by the xtians to ‘cripple’ and, ‘own’ us. Don’t let this happen, we must fight diligently against the xtians and their agendas.
    Thank You Editor for the awareness. Dacon HaCohen!!

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