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christiins XTIANS ‘THINK’ IF THEY repeat the mantra TO THE JEWS in every 5 words , jeSses jeSses jesSus, they will be blessed or something,I dont know what they think but I ask them to stop doing this to me and others. THEY GIVE NO RESPECT..

April 12th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Readers,  the memorial candle Jews light for the holocaust victims   is because of what the xtians  ’thought’.  They are a danger on mankind. I have a  few words after my nic name in  the chat rooms saying ”JEWS DO NOT ACCEPT  jeSsEuS”, alternating with  ” JEWS THAT ACCEPT jeseus ARE OUTCACST, WE JEWS  MUST TURN OUR BACK ON”. I DO THAT solely because of the xtians repeatedly as if in intentioanly defiance to me AND ALL JEWS.

WHY do the xtians threaten or curse me because of MY BELIEFS, but they feel natural to insult me even after I ask them to stop , in the  ‘ Social Issues’ chat rooms. Some tell me  that they will not stop. Why then am I not ”allowed” or respected” to post my belief ?  Today they want to put me on the ‘rack’ and tear apart my limbs, because I dare to state my beliefs?.  I  have to ‘ accept their contorted lies about MY HEBREW HOLY WRITINGS ?  I have to be silent?  This is what they inherited from the roman times I guess.

Know that Jews do not mention the names of  gods of other nations. We make nic names,  abrreviations and now you know that xtian is christiin and jeSesus, well you know who he is.

Jews have been the subject of thousands of years of xtian persecution, horrible death, torture, destruction, abuse and horrible atrocities. Todays xtians havent stopped,  only changing tactics. If they could kill JEWS they would in todays world. So the xtians now kill us through lies and  deceptive practices to convert the weak JEWS. They go to JEWS in hospitals. goverment  welfare counciling, join reform and conservative synagogues offering ‘help’ ,guidance promises of a perfect life and slowly ‘CON’ the  JEWS in crisis. Are the xtians not in crisis or desease are  they not in wars and deaths. How blind are you Jews that even listen to their con jobs. 

These xtians do not believe or respect  the Jewish faith or their families.The xtians only purpose is to convert the Jew. They do not care the family suffers  from the LOST FAMILY MEMEBER, They do not care that observant families have to mourn the death of their family memeber that ”converts’, They do not care that the ONE GD OF ISRAEL forbids such  acts by the JEW and said the  punishments for the miiionizer, the seducer, the proselytizer is the most sever in  the torah.  

The xtians are so blinded and so cruel, disguised under the ‘so called’ respectablity of a church that is responsible for killing millions of people starting with the inquisition and through out europe to this date.

My point is  this. I mentioned the words after my name and because of this I had quite a few curses and threats of sorts sent to me. I was told that I better stop remarking in the chat rooms when the subject is brought up that JEWS DO NOT AND  NEVER  HAD AND NEVER WILL ACCEPT  jjeSues.  My question is this. WHY DO MY STATEMENTS REFUTING THE XTIANS  IMPOSITION AND LIES UPON jews AFFECT THEM SO MUCH ?

They remind me of the history of xtians. CONVERT AND ACCEPT jjeSues OR DIE.  They will kill me because they love me?  They will kill me spiritually or mortally because I speak out the facts and truths of  MY OWN RELIGION? Is that the xtian ddogma ”love your enemy” ?  IS  KILLING ME THEIR EXPRESSI0ON OF LOVE ? IS  DEFENDING MY OWN RELIGION ATTACKING THE XTIANS? THIS IS WHAT THEY TELL ME. I AM ATTACKING…..The best offence is a good defense. I guess the simple truth of  Judaism and Torah is the best offense. The xtians cant handle the truth.

I ask you xtians to stop converting preaching missionaized lying conning deceiving misinterpreting  TO JEWS. I tell you the same way YOU TELL ME…STOP IT. I AM A JEW AND THE GD OF ISRAEL WARNED YOU AND TOLD YOU ”CURSE ISRAEL AND BE CURSED’ AND TOLD YOU To follow the second commandment. ”I AM YOUR GD AND THERE IS NONE OTHER BESIDES ME’.  Yet still you violate everything holy that is the basis of even your own religion.

When  the messiah arrives, you xtians will not be permitted to bring your crosses and statues and gospels in the HOLY LAND. ITS WRITTEN .

Again I remind you that the memorial candle just below is a reminder of the love you gave to Jews. 6 MILLION DEAD. dont threaten me and dont preach your gods to me. Then there would be no need for this article.


I have to agree 110% I have personally witnessed the Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde personality of Christians when a Jew will not submit to the control of thier gospel.


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  • 1 Steve // May 27, 2010 at 7:31 am

    xtianity is still a 2000 year history of antisemitsm.

    The gentiles are just obsessed with eradicating Judaism in the hope of legitimizing the gentile nonsense. We have Chanukah so they invented their holiday (based on the pagan stuff). We have Pesach so they invented their jerkwater holiday.We have happy Purim so they made up their morbid nonsense day. As long as Judaism exists, the gentiles cannot face the superficiality of their practices.

    That’s why they killed us with centuries of pograms and the shoah. They cannot face the shallowness of their so called religioun

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