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CHRISTIANS,what would jesux say? NO ONE KNOWS. no one knows ANYTHING except all his followers are killers and torturers from the iinquisitions the crusades the pogrom his followers have PHYSICALLY OR SPIRITUALLY killed Jews. 100 years later poetry and statues was created ”IMAGINING” what jesux SAID.

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THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE is written by an italian roman catholic journalist who migt be considered a RIGHTEOUS GOY. This author is honest and forthright.He hiding nothing. I posted the following excerpts and the link to his article in full. Be sure to read the comments on bottom of that page. PLEASE ALSO FEEL FREE TO COMMENT HERE ON BOTTOM…… CLICK COMMENTS on bottom  OR EMAIL

A few weeks ago a highly influential Church of England vicar, Stephen Sizer,
promoted a website that supports Holocaust denial and warns of a Zionist
conspiracy controlling the world. Reverend Sizer just received the support of
the Bishop of Guildford Sizer, Reverend Christopher Hill, a former chaplain to
the Queen, following calls for him to be suspended for linking to the site

The case is severe because Anglicanism is not just another Protestant
denomination; rather, it’s the official UK Church headed by the Queen.
Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, is the spiritual head of 77 million
Christians worldwide.
The hostility to Israel within the Church is rooted in a dislike for Jews. According to the
Jewish Chronicle, “Reverend Sizer has a long track record of arguably anti-Semitic
behavior.” He has described the IDF as “Herod’s soldiers operating in Bethlehem today” (King
Herod ordered his troops to kill all the Jewish babies in and around Bethlehem.)  READ IN FULL
video sent by R’ YISROEL HAKOHAINE

FOR A POINT OF REFERENCE: most Jews do not accept these type of books or the author of that book.Boteach does not associate with Orthodox torah Rabbis or more correctly Orthodox Rabbis do not associate with boteachs heretical outlandish,philosophical views…jesux was not kosher. he went against kasruth, sabbath observance and the rabbis. paul never met jesux, HE CLAIMED god spopke to him while he was on a donkey eating shwarma in pita, paul was and is considered evil by Judaism.
None of the xtian bibles, not paul, mark, mathew or luke ever met jesux NOR DID THEY EVEN WRITE THIER ‘bibles’.The xtians most famous bible ‘king james bible’ was not even written by jimmy. He hired teams of writers and choose what he,jimmy james liked best. No words of jesux was ever recorded in his time. Words 100 years later is only poetry not truth. Boteach is considered a deceptive book, his references were challenged by Rabbi Tovia Singer, who was so angered that R’ Singer called in to that radio show where boteach was the guest, and debated boteach on radio.Boteach constantly interrupted R’ Singer not allowing Singer to finish his points.That is the same technique misisonaries use….interrupting because he knows nothig wiser then his lies or misguided information and doesnt want to be exposed.

There is a ancient scripture that says that jesux declared himself a god. That is expressly forbidden and is ”cut off” . It is also forbidden to teach Torah to non Jews other then the Noahide laws unless that person is under the express teachings of a qualified conversion rabbi. To convert is to serve ‘ONE GD’ not people and not a group…and surely not for a rabbis personal financial inhancements or a misguided spiritual agenda.

Mayor Boker is a good man with great honest intentions though. I salute him. Unfortunatly he was taken in by michael jacksons personal rabbi boteach.
Boteach also interrupted then the caller JOSH who was cut off the radio for his challenges to boteach.I will not give the radio host name because i dont want to publize his show. I dont support the shows host for other reasons similar.


Dacon, I couldn’t agree with you more!.
Keep the in your face facts of truth coming!

and to hail mary- you communicate like a immature little kid, is that how the roman catholics taught you to be? I can tell by your choice of language you are an educated individual. you should be ashamed to represent yourself that way. in the debate wouldnt know the first thing about articulation or mature perspective and communicating like an adult, grow up then challenge Dacon

As it stands now you are the biggest loser and the weakest link to your own xtian affiliation. I have met other xtians who would be ashamed of your behavior too.
Dacon i respect you for hanging these comments for all to see the embarrassment they cause themselves..the xtians they just love to love us to death.
FROM sarah: Jews in the limelight many people don’t understand the religion nor do I want to sit around and explain my actions to people who are not of my faith, most people would look at me and say that I am not correct in doing that. Why? Why do I have to sit around and explain myself and my religion and my customs to people who aren’t even going to understand it in the first place, or will try to convert me into something I’m not. I recently had to go through the college process of finding which university I wanted to attend you know that I had to scratch off three Universities because they couldn’t work out a schedule that I didn’t have to attend classes on a Friday? Why is it so difficult for the school to accomadate to something so pety?
: Why do I have to try and change my life to accommodate my schedule for the grade point average I received, the scholarships, and the tuition I pay to go to school? Why can’t they just accomadate to us for once, it’s not like we ask for prayer time during school hours, or special sinks for our feet? Why do we have to bow down and change our lives?
: Some people call this arrogant, no it’s not arrogants, it’s just refusing to change for others, and to bow down to liberal schools that refuse to listen to what the students want,
I am not going to give my scholarships and my time to a school that can’t even conform to one simple thing that I wanted.

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