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christians the subject: jules the missionary

September 10th, 2012 · No Comments

Rosh HaShanah opinion and message from the editors:
 The xtians made a pact with the arabs.

 TORAH comes around a second time we are taught. Lessons for Jewish Nation to learn from.

All that we read in the news is meaningless and a test  by the heavens to see where will our allegiance be?

What are the Jews priorities?
If Jews do not save  themselves then they certainly can’t be strong enough to be a light unto the world. If Jews fall into the darkness of  the xtian missionaries because Jews were intimidated to interfaith dinners and invited them to our holy Pesach and Rosh HaShanah seders to show ‘how kind’ Jews are, instead of knowing that the presence of Hashem is in  the center of the table  like a lazer light while you entertain the goyim ignoring Hashem through telling the meaning of Pesach/Rosh HaShanah to tell your children and guests…to remember the evils of amalek, to be with YOUR OWN FAMILY, to recognize the miracles that HASHEM HAS GIVEN TO US, US, THE SPECIAL CHILDREN OF HASHEM WHO ARE STILL HERE …then you fail heavens test.

Rosh Hashanah, a time to reflect to be with YOUR family, another very special time when G’D is so very close to us and pays special attention to our cries. This is not a time to invite outsiders to your table, to G’Ds table. THIS IS A TIME TO SERVE G’D.

The Nation of Israel ( meaning every Jew in the world) owes nothing to any other people except cordiality.
The goyim owe us everything  they own including their cell phones.

If you recognize any of this descriptions within yourself, then this is the time to repent. ANDS IF YOU  DONT THEN YOU SURELY MUST EXAMINE YOUR ARROGANCE  Arrogance which is frowned upon in the heavenly courts.

Now is Rosh HaShanah, the head of the new year where you should recognize and reflect on the  ills you have done, learn about those laws you transgressed, LOOKING UP  towards the heavens and  talking to Hashem  that you will do your best not to repeat those sins.


This is a chance for a new beginings although our rabbis teach us that every moment for a Jew can be their new beginings by declaring it so.

This is the time to recommit yourself to come closer to Hashem. We know what our shortcomings are, we really do know what transgressions we make and we  find it hard to resist.This is the time  for our recommitment to Hashem, the ONE HASHEM. To commit to improve ourselves to learn from TORAH ORTHODOX RABBIS . WE ALL HAVE NEGATIVE INFLUENCES IN OUR LIFES AND NOW IS THE TIME TO STRIVE TO OVERCOME THOSE INFLUENCES AND FROM THOSE THAT TAKE US AWAY FROM SERVING AND LEARNING WHAT BROUGHT THE NATION OF ISRAEL THROUGH ALL ITS TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS. WE CAN DO THIS AND WE CAN EACH  BE PART OF BRINGING MASHIACH SOONER. 

christians the subject: jules the missionary: who has been trying
 to get me for 3 years,
may Hashem protect me and all Israel from  the evil children of esauv
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‘The liberal Jew’ by Avi has struck a lot of controversy. (article below this)
It is rippling through the chat rooms who will not speak to me directly as I am ‘persona non grata to most of them, but they do talk about this blog,  yes this blog, of truth of TORAH and YOU GUYS COMMENTING HERE,  basing their anger on your comments.  
Jules the xtian, once a Jew so he claims has been hounding me to meet, to discuss, to lend me money, to put me in a gauranteed money making business deal ( sounds like obama doesnt it) if only I would meet him. I have been crude rude and downright disgusting in most of my replies to him. xtians cant help themselve but to take it. They have to stay waiting for  the Jew to get winded so they can counter attack. I will  post his missionary email tactics  soon,
My purpose is to educate you of the tricks xtians use to con Jews. As long as  the xtian creates doubts in our minds, he feels he has succeeded in planting the seeds of conversions.
 They fail to remember that xtians  even ”mother teresa” had doubts of jesux. They believe they are perfect.
I was away for a few months but NOW I am back and ready to pick up the sword and shield to repel the crusaders. The following I had just received from jules. I have to post his  most recent emails then work backwards with my abrasive rebuttals to him. Lets start with his morning Email. By the way, many times you will see lower case fonts. That is intentionally  not giving any dignity to the person or subject. The following has not been edited in any manner.

FROM jules:  I’ve been doing some studying;  And I have a correction.
 I’ve attributed 2nd Chronicles to another writer, Solomon.  But some say no, that this text was more likely written by Ezra.  As best I know today, certainty as to the authorship has been lost, we don’t know who wrote Chronicles.
 For us, here today, what it says is a lot more important than the name of the author.  My wife and I have been reading Ezra, and just started Nehemiah.  I don’t want to cover this comprehensively today, I only want to discuss 2nd Chronicles, actually one verse. 

Chapter seven, verse fourteen; 
 The verse begins by addressing Christians!  And this verse was written at least 1,500 years before Jesus was born.  Yet, there it is:  “If my people, who are called by my name.”  So who is that? 
 What people are called “by my name.”  Well God’s divine, so who could that be?, and using the name of God is discouraged unless we have good reason.  Plus, the only group of people who are called by “God’s own name” are Christians because get our name from the word CHRIST, which is Greek for the Hebrew word Messiah (who is divine, actually God, the Bible makes this clear.)

Thing otherwise?, then tell me of another group that is named after someone described in the Bible to be divine…
 So this verse is addressing Christians (not Jews.  Yes, most of the Old Testament was written for and about Jews, but with a small number of exceptions, such as this one.)  And what does it say?
 2 Chronicles 7:14
New International Version (NIV)
14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
 You want to help our world, our society, your society, (not everyone reading this email lives in America,) you want to help?, this is the only way to actually help, to rebuild society so that it works.
 We’re told that if we expect God to heal our land (to bring about repentance and sincere Christian reconstruction, faith!, new beginnings,) that we have to repent, that we have to collaborate with God.  How?, by making effort ourselves, not alone, (because that never works,) but letting him work with us, by asking him for help.  By asking him to live with us.
 That’s what the Christian faith is.
 I was intending to discuss the various outcome’s of the people surrounding Israel, as mentioned by Isaiah, and also to a lesser extent, by Jeremiah, though possibly of more interest now, as in chapter 49, Jeremiah discusses Iran briefly but quite dispositively.
 Isaiah provides a sweeping panorama of each country in the vicinity of Israel.  In brief, until Jesus returns, it’s not good.  And not only Isaiah and Jeremiah, but also Zechariah, who describes what are be near-term events.  Summarizing, the outlook for these countries, especially the Muslim countries, isn’t good, whether near Israel or not.
 So how do I know these are near-term events?   Well I don’t!, the timing is up to God, and as I told a friend of mine recently, look up, see the majestic heavens, go scuba diving, enjoy the magnificent depths, or simply walk into a library.  Or maybe, just take your wife out for a weekend getaway.  (I just said something like this to my wife and she told me to make sure we got a place with a dishwasher.)  All these things are made for us, just us.  No one else.  Us.  Now my point:  Scripture, although written by God for our benefit, and God doesn’t lie or deceive, so we can believe Scripture absolutely and completely, but even that, even Scripture, exists for our benefit.
 Ah, and no swelled heads here, because why are we made?, because we can use whatever we want and however we want, just don’t forget, God made us for himself, he told us we’re made to be his friends, he made us for fellowship.  Just as all this stuff belongs to us, we belong to God.
 So the timing is up to God, it’s not for me to presume.  But noting how much trouble Iran has been for Israel and is now, today, and reading what Jesus said as transcribed in Matthew, chapter 24, beginning about verse 7, and seeing how these times match the events of today (pick up a newspaper, read those two or three verses and then pick up a newspaper,) I believe that we are in that period which culminates in the beginning of that seven year period.  I’ve already said this…  So my essay on the countries surrounding Israel will have to wait.  I won’t forget.
  For people who may imagine I wasn’t telling the truth about Russian missiles being in Cuba TODAY, here’s a starting link:
 (I’m not a munitions expert, nuclear or otherwise, but surely the current generation of Russian nukes makes the 1960′s weapons seem almost ‘conventional’.  No one should doubt that these bombs will end us, if they are ever used.)  Still, I’m not writing this to raise alarm, as I’m pretty sure such a course would accomplish nothing, after all our government already knows these weapons are there and ready to fire, so how could raising a stink help?
 I repeat:  My goal is to encourage each of us to become Christ-like.  That’s it.  Not to provide insight that we can’t use.  This means encouraging people to rethink who they are, who Jesus is, to think again about faith in Christ, basically, to make God their best friend.  And the only way this happens is by letting Jesus in. 
 I was browsing the ‘net and saw a quote from a famous atheist, someone who asserts as best he can, that we’re all evolved, that when we die, that’s it, their isn’t anything else, and of course, most important for his agenda, that their is no God. 
 The thing is, the interview I saw on the ‘net, well, to me he seemed depressed.  And not just a little bit but really, seriously depressed.  Oh sure, he said the right things, given what he say’s he believes.  But I’ll bet it’s been a really long time since he’s done something he really enjoyed…

One reason I’m active as a Christian is because I used to be an atheist.  But let me tell you a secret, being an atheist isn’t about thinking God doesn’t exist, it’s about hating God.  That’s what atheists to, they hate God, they can’t stand him and so they pretend he doesn’t exist.  Atheists aren’t people who don’t have faith, everyone who has gotten out in nature, looked up at the sky well away from city lights, letting their eyes adjust, how can anyone ignore that!  Or simply raised a kid, what an experience that must be!
 But today America is in real trouble.  And why?, because we’ve cut the God of the Bible out of our national soul.  These days our country, our laws, our culture, make it harder for people to live out their faith.  I’m not writing to tell everyone to become political, my opinion:  we’re already far too political, too polarized.  No, I’m asking people to pray, to ask people to consider who Jesus is, to spend some time talking to God.
 We’ve removed the Ten Commandments from our courtrooms, we’ve legalized homosexual behavior when we should be sanctioning the people engaged in such activities, and we even kill our children.
 And please take note: I’m not talking about crazy people shooting up movie theaters, no, the above paragraph denotes what our legislatures have done.  Not crazy people, but judges and politicians. 
 I have a friend, an atheist.  Many years ago he and I were involved in a fairly serious automobile accident and he thought he was dying.  He had been injured, just not fatally.  I had too, about as bad but my injuries were such that I didn’t think I was dying.  (But I had a leg injury.)
 And what did my friend do?  Very wisely, he put aside his hatred of God and asked me to pray with him.  There we were, in the wintry cold, now on the safe side of an interstate barrier waiting for an ambulance, and my friend wanted prayer.  (Of course I prayed.)
 So don’t put God off.  If you’re not a Christian aleady, don’t put God off.
 A little about timing, about events in the Bible, about God’s timing…
 Don’t think that just because the Bible say’s something that it’s locked in place.  God was going to destroy Nineveh, he sent Jonah to warn them of the coming destruction.  Though Jonah was reluctant, with some of God’s gentle encouragement he did go and what did the people do?, they repented, and God backed off from his promise.  HERE’s MY POINT:  1,500 years later God did do just as he said, but guess what!, today Nineveh is the northern most city in Iraq, it’s called Mozul.  Oh, and something else!!!, just the most important point I can make, Mozul is an incredibly tolerant and peaceful community.  Whatever was wrong with Nineveh, God managed to cure long ago.
 During the Iraq war US soldiers stationed there reported that it was a most peaceful place.  In fact what those soldiers said made headlines in America (NPR did a couple of radio articles on it.)  And that, somehow, brought it to the attention of Al Qaeda.  But otherwise it has been one of the most peaceful communities in Iraq.
 So about this destruction thing…  God knows where we’re at.  He knows what’s on our minds, what we intend.  Don’t think that things are set in stone for us. 
 Yes, these events Jeremiah described will happen, but they don’t have to be events that ruin your life.  Not if God is at your helm, guiding you.  If this seems impossible, my last point on this:  Jesus told us not to fear someone who could kill the body but to fear He who could kill the soul.
 I guess what I’m hoping for is that what happened with Ninevah will happen here, ie., the timing will be deferred.  Nineveh obtained 1,500 years by heeding Jonah and repenting.  What will America gain?
 (One last thing about poor Jonah…  The Ninevites asked him to stay, he did.  And he’s buried there, his grave site is at the center of Mozul, everyone, even today, knows who he was and what he did.)
 I’m going to try and write at least once a week and to bring up fresh issues that are relevant to who we are, to what is needed, today.

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I just read the rant by jules on Jews with views.
All I can say is WOW! he’s twisted and confused beyond belief. Normally, I would laugh at the reason why jules specified he ‘chose’ to be a x-tian after his adventure with being an atheist, but, my compassion as a human being took over and I feel very sorry for him, he appears to be on a constant search to conform xtianity to what verses they steal from Torah and what other plagiarisms they want to conform in an failed attempt to convince themselves their religion is legitimate, because they know full and well it can’t possibly make any sense at all.( how many arguments and debates have we all heard and are sick of on Isaiah 53?)
Poor jules will be on constant searches of unfulfilled basic foundations of spirituality among many other things.
That’s why he bothers Jews on these issues of Judaism , he’s trying to leverage of the fact xtianity makes no sense,nor; does he seem to know much of his former choice of atheism or xtianity.
Dacon this  continuing discussion is merely hysterically entertaining, I’m not taking jules portion of the debate serious, he just doesn’t know enough on the topic. ( hes stuck on conformity, and it becomes a circular debate, personally it’s a waste of time.
 i cannot tell you how much this header made me laugh>>From jules: I’ve been doing some studying; And I have a correction.<< LMAO ….. a correction???? Duh ya think?? im sure the xtians are more than eye balls deep in corrections. and hes trying to debate you?? its the funniest shit .lol. i want to thank you the editor, for the side laughter


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