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CHRISTIAN LOVE THROUGH XTIAN BLINDNESS or is it xtian lies? full story in a few days

January 15th, 2012 · No Comments

FIRST I HAVE A QUESTION: Why is it so hard for anyone to understand my acceptance AND  belief and love for *ONE GD, ONE UNTOUCHED TORAH,ONE BELIEF,  THAT WAS BROUGHT FROM HASHEM TO MOSES TO ME?  Why is it the xtians dont have this belief  BUT claim they love Torah which they claim is their roots and  they love Israel and they love me. Why is it xtians bibles keep changing with each writer who never met jesux from the very first writings or 50 years earlier from saul/paul and the poetic languages  from paul to mathew to luke to john to george and ringo…NONE OF THEM EVER MET the heck can they write what jeusx said 500 , 1000 years later.The xtian bibles keeps changiong and being enhanced to attract  followers and earlier even copied  the literary style of the HEBREW writings. Why? READERS please go to your local library and read about the early xtians going foward to this day.
THE ANSWER IS SO SIMPLE FELLOW JEWS. THE XTIANS ARE DAM JEALOUS OF OUR JEWISH TRUTH. In their heart they  know the truth that they are living a religious lie. In their heart they know I, DACON9 STANDS FOR TRUTH which is none other then TORAH.. THEY ARE AFRAID OF ME AND EVERY JEW THAT STANDS WITH ME and we stand WITH HASHEM. By the way, KING SOLOMON IN HIS ‘SONG OF SONGS’ is a love song  to HASHEM. thats the meaning of SHIR HA SHIREEM. HASHEM IS KING SOLOMONS LOVE.

CHRISTIAN LOVE THROUGH XTIAN BLINDNESS or is it xtian lies? full story in a few dayswith xtian ADVICE to me..WAS IT ADVICE   OR ANOTHER DIVERSIONARY ATTACK FROM  BACK DOOR ? …or pure counter attack because I expose their living myths for 2000 years?  I  believe its a simple defense for the richest company in NEW YORK, the catholic church,   who owns more property then Donald  Trump…AND ALSO IS  ONE OF THE RICHEST COMPANIES IN THE WORLD…the catholic church in rome ! YET  this rich profitable ‘church’ business chooses to let their educators strike for not wanting to give a raise to  the nuns a few years ago.  NOW many churchs and schools are closing

Does this mean the people are waking up to the myth? After all, ANY ONE, I MEAN ANYONE CAN RESEARCH xtian constantine pagan jesux movement and HISTORY TO COME TO A SIMPLE CONCLUSION…ITS ALL A FRAUD…the church, the mangod, the statues, the diciples and the many many bibles are all creative writings to SELL the xtian movement for political unifying reasons….READ ABOUT IT….in any library or book store…

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