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christian COUNTER ATTACKS ME…so she thinks

September 23rd, 2013 · No Comments

TO THE NEW READER,  THE RESPONSE BELOW IS AN ONGOING FEST OF XTIAN BULLSHIT vs HISTORICAL SECULAR FACTUAL HISTORY.please scroll down to previous entries to get the tone. A response will follow in the first week of october.
ALL COMMENTS on the bottom ‘comment’.THANKS

USUALLY COMMENTS FROM READERS ARE AT THE END OF AN ARTICLE. In this case I reversed the order intentionally to give readers, xtian readers especially xtians, to possibly WAKE UP while reading the following xtian lies presented to me as a rebuke and retort. xtians are ‘reedikyouless’ or is it spelled redickalus…lol… you will read the xtian is mocking me because of my spelling errors. pea brained xtians…HAMOR GADOL.

COMMENT FROM JOEL:::wow Dacon sir. I cannot believe my eyes at what ignorance and complete nonsense sent in by kissmywhatever.
Dacon its a lot to digest at one sitting!! im going to sift through the utter garbage put forth by xtians and respond to this. Dacon(EDITOR) you arent alone,Im an ex student of Prof S….. and will return with others to set some things straight.

THE FOLLOWING FROM:   ‘kissmy5ss’’   at 9:05 am
(ED NOTE:this video is posted by this editor for readers to comprehend the exchange) 

‘kissmy5ass> This video is an example of liberal brain death. The poor man has no idea that a) Coulter is being totally sarcastic (as if we can’t tell by HIS input that he’s going to misrepresent her statements) and b) that Coulter is not insulting Judaism, rather, shes’ feeding back the negative view of Christianity held by many by insinuating that we’re on a “fast track”.

Really, Dacon. We know you cannot type, spell, or speak like a rational, lucid human being. But are you also suffering dementia also?

( ED: for clarification to the readers… ‘kissmy5ss’ interspersed their comment copied and pasted  to last months blog.You will see editors statement,  then ‘kissmy5ss’ response)
A READER,  ‘kissmy5′, SENT HIS COMMENT ATTEMPTING TO RATTLE ME YA SUPPOSE ??? lolol, rediculous xtians. Rewriting history leaving out key elements of issues and assuming I . me. moi… little me, will not research he asinine claims,assertions and lies.”

 ’kissmy5ass> Poor Dacon cannot even spell. The word is RIDICULOUS. Try getting your nose out of Christophobic nonsense and read a dictionary.

 And yes, JEWS KILLED CHRISTIANS. Jews are not the innocent victims of the world, even though you want to make yourself out a victim.

 The fact is that jews helped the Romans to find and kill Christians. Hence, there’s been a very bad relationship between the two.

 I find it interesting that you assume I am a) a Christian and b) a male. Perhaps you’re a tad bit sexist? Could explain why you haven’t gotten a match from the matchmaker.

 In any event, Dacon dearest, Jews must also own their history. But of course, you will only point to another group.

 This is so common among Paltalk Jews. So let’s educate him.

 Bar Kochba was hailed by Aqiba as the Messiah. This the Christians could not condone and they stood aside. …. The Jews regarded the Christians as renegades: the Christians would not fight for Aqiba’s Messiah. The die had fallen and there was no recalling the past.” – Encyclopedia Britannica, p. 167, Vol. 13, 14th ed.

 ” (A.D. 132-135). A pseudo-Messiah, Bar-Cochba (son of the stars, Num. 24:17), afterwards called Bar-Cosiba (son of falsehood), put himself at the head of the rebels, and caused all the Christians who would not join him to be most cruelly murdered.” – p. 37, History of the Christian Church, Vol. II, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1995 reprint.

 It was the generation following the destruction of theTemplewhich brought about a final rupture between Jews and Christians …. In the third rebellion against Rome [132-135 A.D.], when the Christians were unable to accept bar Kochba as their Messiah, they declared that their kingdom was of the other world, and withdrew themselves completely from Judaism and everything Jewish. The alienation process was completed. Judaism and Christianity became strangers to each other …. A wall of misunderstanding and hate was erected by the narrow zealotries of the two faiths. [pp. 152, 153, Jews, God and History, Max I. Dimont, A Signet Book, 1962.]

 ”Cochba [bar Kochba] … tortured and killed the Christians who refused to aid him against the Roman army.” – p. 42, Greek Apologists of the Second Century, Robert M. Grant, TheWestminsterPress, 1988.

 ”Another Christian apologist, Justin [Martyr], tells how … Bar Kochba, the leader of the insurrection, ordered Christians alone to be executed if they would not deny and curse Jesus the Messiah.” – Ibid.

 ”After the war theJerusalemchurch, once Jewish, consisted only of Gentiles.” – Ibid.

 Not everybody agreed to Aqiba’s view that Simon [Bar Kochba] was the Messiah. The Jewish Christians refused to accept this claim; the Christian author Justin Martyr tells that Simon commanded Christians ‘to be lead away to terrible punishment,’ unless they denied Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah and cursed the man from Nazareth (First Apology 31.6). – See: Wars between the Jews and Romans: Simon ben Kosiba (130-136 CE)

 L. Michael White [Professor of Classics and Director of theReligiousStudiesProgramUniversityofTexasatAustin]:

 The relationship between Judaism and Christianity after the turn of the second century would become more and more hostile as time went on partly because of other political forces that continued to develop. …. As a result within sixty years after the first revolt there would arise a new rebellion. We typically call this the Second Jewish Revolt againstRomeor the Bar Kochba revolt. And it’s named after a famous rebel leader who really becomes the central figure of this new political period. He’s called Bar Kochba. …. His real name seems to have been Shimon Bar Kosova, and he probably was of a royal family of the Jewish tradition. But he takes to himself this messianic identity and claims that in the year 132 it is time for a new kingdom to be reestablished inIsrael. Apparently he did takeJerusalemfor some time. …It’s possible, although we’re not absolutely sure, that he thought he could rebuild the temple too. But events would not let that happen.

 The Romans very quickly began to put down the revolt and within three years all of those who had followed Bar Kochba were either killed or dispersed. ….

 The one thing that does happen in the second revolt, though, is [that] the self-consciously apocalyptic and messianic identity of Bar Kochba forces the issue for the Christian tradition. It appears that some people in the second revolt tried to press other Jews, including Christians, into the revolt, saying, “Come join us to fight against the Romans. You believe God is going to restore the kingdom toIsrael, don’t you? Join us.” But the Christians by this time are starting to say, “No, he can’t be the messiah — we already have one.” And at that point we really see the full-fledged separation of Jewish tradition and Christian tradition becoming clear. – Jews and theRoman Empire


“The Jewish sage Rabbi Akiva convinced the Sanhedrin to support the impending revolt and regarded the chosen commander Simon Bar Kokhba the Jewish Messiah, according to the verse from Numbers 24:17: “There shall come a star out of Jacob” (“Bar Kokhba” means “son of a star” in Aramaic language).

 ”At the time, Christianity was still a minor sect of Judaism and most historians believe that it was this messianic claim that alienated many Christians (who believed that the true messiah was Jesus) and sharply deepened the schism.” -

 Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum asserts that the “rift caused by the destruction of Jerusalem [70 C.E.] proved to be a temporary one, and a partial reconciliation did come about despite Hebrew Christian opposition to the new Judaism of the rabbis.” p. 41, HEBREW CHRISTIANITY, Its Theology, History and Philosophy.

 He also says that 132-135 C.E. was a key period, the 2nd Jewish revolt againstRomeunder Bar Kochba. When the revolt broke out, the Jewish Believers joined the revolt with their rabbinic brothers. However, Rabbi Akiva made the sad error of declaring Bar Kochba to be the Jewish Messiah. This is where the real rift occured. If anyone can be accused of turning Christianity into a Gentile religion, it is not Paul, nor the church leaders inAsia Minor, but rather Bar Kochba, according to Fruchtenbaum.

 [The] PBS “Frontline” program “From Jesus To Christ: The First Christians” is … steeped in Jewish history and Jewish concerns. The four-hour program [aired] Monday and Tuesday, April 6 and 7 [1998. Here are some of the issues covered on that program]:

 ”…. The period after the First Revolt is dominated by an increasingly hostile relationship between Christians and Jews as the followers of Jesus move increasingly away from their Jewish roots. “Part 3: Let The Reader Understand” examines this period, the creation of the four Gospels and the Second Revolt, led by Bar Kochba.

 After the Jews are crushed by the Roman army, Christianity begins to assert itself and accommodate the forces of the empire that killed its leader.” –

This is when a true split occurred, as Christians refused to join in the four-year struggle because Bar Kochba claimed he was the Messiah.

“Until the year 132, Christians considered themselves a sect of Judaism.

 Want more?


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