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ATT CHRISTIANS: YOU Send 60 SPAMS A DAY(now its up to 90 spams average daily) TO ANY OF MY CHRISTIAN COMMENTS,You will not silence me from saying what you are,,INTRUSIVE LOW LIFES INTO JEWS SOULS.

April 7th, 2009 · No Comments

THIS IS PROOF OF EVERYTHING I POST ABOUT  YOU XTIANS. THE LAST WAR WILL BE WITH YOU XTIANS. YOU WILL KILL A JEW IF THEY DONT CONVERT. This is your xtian history and never will you change. It was written by our hebrew prophets that you will never be kind and it is your doctrine to convert us.

Well xtians, we Jews have survived your every attempt to wipe us out…And by the ONE G’D OF ISRAEL PROMISE TO HIS FAVORITE NATION ISRAEL HIS FAVORITE SON ISRAEL. WE WILL BE FOREVER.AND YOU XTIANS WILL NOT.

50 SPAMS A DAY MANY IPs COME FROM TEXAS AND EUROPE.You sell pornography and gambling  and assorted trash. This is your way of life..YOU WILL NOT SILENCE ME…AFTER ME THERE WILL BE ANOTHER JEW AND ANOTHER JEW THAT WILL EXPOSE YOUR FILTH. YOUR EVANGELIST LOVE? YOU LOVE ISRAEL? YEAH SURE. …only to convert us in whatyou think will be the end game.You dont get the end game. THE G’D OF ISRAEL DOES. YOU ARE NOT IN THE PLANS EXCEPT FOR THE RIGHTOUS FEW…

The rightous are those that have no other gods no artifacs no symbols no statues…no mohamed, no jeus.NO OTHERS BESIDES THE ONE GD, NO OTHERS THEN THE ‘ONE’ NONE OTHER BUT ‘ONE.

I SPLLED xtians in the headlines so google picks it up and sends it to your xtian links…I spit on you. You have killed more people , not only Jews ‘In the name of jeus’ and thats a god…a god we excommunicated, your god you claim we killed, your mythical god that has no proof of existence, your god that had no witnesses to anything ever said in any of your numerous gospels bibles. That  is not what being a rightous goy is.

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