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JULES GILBERT the XTIAN MISSIONARY and……….. AVI K answers a jew hater stevie

August 10th, 2012 · No Comments

I’LL START WITH HIS ”Latest” EMAIL TO ME. After that I’ll go back to the begining where he offers me money and success if I ,,chas ve shalom,, accept bowing to his mangod some made of flesh or some made of wood and or stone.
The following was not edited in anyway so you can feel compassion and love for his proslytizing, similar to the inquisition except they’re laws against  killing  JEWS for refusing jesux, you can feel his pain that he cant ‘save’ us…..lololol

From: Jules Gilbert


Am I not going to see my article on your website? I ask because you told me that you would publish whatever I gave you.

Noticing your remark about Christians masquerading as Jews, as to my ethnicity — I was born in the Jewish Hospital outside of Cincinatti, Ohio (I think the city has come to them. My Mom tells me they were a country hospital thousands of years ago [feels like] when I was born.)

My parents were/are Jewish. My Mom, still living, became a Christian about five years ago. And I grew up with her, she brought me up, basically, as an atheist.

So you can go look me up if it’s so important. My Dad’s name was Max Goldberg, he changed it to Gilbert for business reasons. He and his parents had come from Germany, I’m pretty sure that was in the 1920′s, that’s all I know. My Mom’s name is Betty Olyer. I know, not a Jewish name, her Mom was a converted Jew. Are you now going to tell me I’m not Jewish enough for you?

So if you’re going to renege on your promise, then just do it.

I’ll tell you this, instead of trying to divide the world up into people who hate the Jews or don’t, why don’t you give people lot’s of Jewish history, invite people to write about various Righteous Gentiles, and do things that give gentiles reasons to love Jewish people.

Do you recall what I used to tell you when we “met?” That for the Jews, our world was becoming like that pot with the frog, it’s slowly getting hotter. Of course the good news is that God has control, yes — he’s letting satan do things, that’s true, but I assure you he loves the Jews (and also the Christians.) This you can depend on. But he does expect Jewish people to honor Christ, to become Christians. And what you don’t realize is that this doesn’t end their Jewish life, this will happen and will be the beginning of the fulfillment of Joseph’s dream, of what Isaiah wrote when he said that gentiles would be looking to Jews for leadership. (But read what I say below.)

This stuff I tell you, it’s straight out of the Bible. I’m not making anything up, I’m trying to help you cement your relationship with God. What more do you need?, well it seems to me that several things are missing from the lives of Jewish people today, for example, I don’t see Jewish people sacrificing — isn’t this part of the Mosaic law?, but no, I am not asking that you start this practice (although you might read the last 15 or so chapters in Ezekiel, because that Temple will one day be built.) But the life that God intends for the Jews has not yet started, read the last, oh, 15 chapters of Isaiah.

Now I’m going to tell you an important secret…

You know that joke that end’s with: “because someone’e got to buy retail…” Well, God made this world with both plants and animals in it, each consumes the other’s poison, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Obviously I can’t prove this but when I notice that every galaxy has a black hole at it’s center and see so much that seems to be a universe in balance, I wonder… Did God make the Jews and gentiles that way, too?

I say this but I should also tell you that once Jesus died, God opened up the definition of who could be Jewish to include gentiles who followed Jesus.

And yes, every single promise God has made in Scripture, every single promise without exception! is going to be fulfilled, including the promises to the Jews, but, ah, you’re going to discover that who God see’s as Jewish probably isn’t going to be exactly who you were expecting…. (Remember what I told you, Christians are grafted on to the Jewish root.) Make no mistake!!, Jewish people will be there, and serve God, (and so will Christians.)

And since I happen to like you, I’m going to say something to you personally, this is for you: Please talk to God about this stuff. And study your Scriptures. How is it that God had Solomon write 2nd Chronicles, chapter 7, verse 14?, isn’t that a clear reference to Christians? “People called by my Name” who else is that but Christians??

And I am not telling you this to hurt your feelings, I am telling you this to help you understand that, for example, saying “I am glad that God made me a Jew and not a gentile” slaps people in the face. (That’s on your website.) Would Moses have said that to someone? Abraham? ANY Jew we read about in the Bible? Even one?

By the way, Paul took that same thought and twisted it a little bit, to say that each person (he was talking to Christians,) “is one in Christ.”

Why don’t you read my essay and tell me what you object too. I tried to present our times as they are, a decadent society getting worse, in trouble. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT GERMANY WAS. (Though it’s not America that you have to worry about, it will be Europe — America will not be around soon.)

So why do you have a problem with me telling people these things? First you want me to speak up, now you seem to have changed your mind.

Homework for you. Decide if America is that nation that Jeremiah wrote about: “though they ascend to the heavens…” Is this America and the Curiosity Spacecraft. Not only this one, but the NASA program…

Because in Jeremiah 50 and 51, God seems to be talking about a nation he’s getting ready to exterminate… Am I right?, what do you think??
AVI K, SENT HIS RESPONSE, At that point in time, I had many serious personal issues and neglected the flow of things.B’H I AM BACK IN FULL FORCE
THIS IS AVI K ANSWER and this is just the begining

Steve,I don’t see in your text where you mention your age category but, your self expressions, blank mentality and obvious low level I.Q, are all evident; you are a disturbed juvenile, who clearly needs some help.I can only hope you do get yourself some help, and, I say this sincerely,whatever came upon you in your life that makes you manifest that much hatred and anger is quite frankly disturbing.

When you stated in your own comment, ” (which in reality is just a deranged rant, disturbing all the same……)

Well, well. Maybe us low life “Gentiles” should have just let Hitler kill all of you….because if it hadn’t been for the “Gentiles” that you hate so much, none of you would exist….think about it..

Steve lets take a quick lesson of the different types of “Gentiles”

The righteous gentiles have helped many Jews through history in dealing with the relations between regular Gentiles and righteous Gentiles and the Jews, no doubt, Jewish people have thanked them and continue to thank them for their efforts.

It is the other type of gentile steve, such as yourself, who the Righteous gentiles talk about being embarrassed by their actions and behavior that outright expresses anti-semitisms and whatever else regular gentiles do that separates them being the righteous Gentiles and your type. ( the typical gentile which are always in justification of their evils and everyday bad doings to anyone ) the regular gentile.

When I came across your text initially steve, it struck me immediately not to get angry by your not so well wishes, curses and general hatred toward Jews, you know……the typical hitler ( yem’shem) stuff we Jews have to deal with by the regular gentiles such as yourself. Steve I have to give you credit for something and what I came up with was that, ‘You are a very good example of the “Regular Gentile”, they should be so proud of you, you steve represent them very well. Congratulations! Also another reason is that I cannot get angry at someone who is definitely out of their mind, also our Rabbonim teach us to outwordly Thank gentiles for noticing the difference between a typical gentile and a Jew, no matter how ugly the regular gentiles words be.

Hmmm?,, Steve do you go into the African American communities and tell them they should be so lucky they still aren’t slaves, and they should thank white people for deciding to abolish slavery???”

The funny part is your hitler friend you admire so much would have had his army kill your type of gentile, because it wouldn’t have been enough mearly to support hitlers agenda, the strong fact you are pathetic low class trash probably living in your mother’s garage like a parasite and it would have been too much of a pain in the ass to monitor you all.

So steve my parting words to you are, “Thank you, for , through all your ignorance and hatred, you know the difference between Jews and your type of people.

Good riddance,

A. Kattan.

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