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from: Rabbi Yehoshuao an emergency plea

December 21st, 2012 · No Comments

Shabbath Shalom Everyone, Please pray for my granddaughter, YEHUDITH HAYA bath SHALHEVETH LIORA. She’s on a respirator & way behind in development. Also for Moshe ben Tirza [Blachorsky] (my nephew) that was recently hit by a car. Update: Moishy is a 24 year old Israeli boy currently living in America. He was hit by a [...]

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DID I GIVE UP ON JEWS? I tried to MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO JEWS, TO STAND UP…I am crying for you Jews who turn away from Torah writing your own Torah.When will you learn how foolish you are. WE ARE STILL HERE IN SPITE OF THE XTIANS because of our TORAH. IT SAYS HASHEM PROMISED US..AND ‘HE’ KEPT HIS PROMISE

December 19th, 2012 · No Comments

I thought I can be a small part of improving Jews and people in a minute way. I went to the chat rooms and was cursed and mentally harrassed tortured and raped. They attempted to humiliate me, to tear me apart, to make me feel ..what do I need Judaism for? They insulted our TORAH, [...]

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